Parents Of 25-Year-Old Wrestling Student Pursuing Litigation Against Gillberg's Pro Wrestling Academy

The parents of Quentin Washington are pursuing litigation against Gillberg's Pro Wrestling Academy over the death of their son from injuries sustained at the facility last week. Below is a video report:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending the link.

  • gpturbo81

    accidents happen…

  • Matt

    Of course they are. They just see $$

  • Matt

    Money won’t bring your son back

  • Mike

    Its a wrestling school. Im positive he signed a legal document saying that the school had nothing to do with any injuries. I had to sign one when i went to wrestling school

  • Kleck

    I wonder if students of the academy sign any kind of litigation waiver that allows no blame to be placed on the academy.

    • bcfuy

      yes u do sign a waiver…as well as a legal document to pay. if u look on there fb page, students takepics holding them up

  • Dave Barton

    I can’t blame the parents for going through legal channels to get to the actual details. Last thing they could’ve expected was for their son to die when he signed up for a wrestling school. Doesn’t mean I blame the school, the student, or anyone in particular. Hell, I’d be shocked if it was intentional in any way.

  • Blazeking

    "Last thing they could've expected was for their son to die when he signed up for a wrestling school."

    That's the first thing any potential student will think: "Hey, there's a chance that I could die from this…"

  • Winky p

    I’d take them to town on this one shut there asses down

  • bcfuy

    i have seen gillberg has given MANY students FULL refunds if he thinks u r not cut out for training.lets face it, its NOT 4 everyone. the school is local to me.

  • Jim

    I hope Gillburg was smart enough to have all of his students aign liability waivers. If he indeed has signed waivers, from the student who had the accident, then his family is wasting attorney fees. Yes it’s horrible the student dies, but he was doing what he loved. And unless there was some kind of equipment malfunction I just don’t see how Gillberg can be held responsible. The guy has to feel just horrible. Plus it can’t be good for a pro-wresting school to have a death on it’s resume. So not only does he have to live with the guilt of something like this happening at his school, but his business is undoubtably going to suffer also. It’s just a bad situation for everyone involved.

    • JN_Muraco

      Their is always liabilty waivers. Now with that do they have a medical staff on hand and trainers? Ask some major colleges with billions in the bank with law suits for deaths of football players. I can think a few going on right now UCF for one I know is dealing with this, it hurts the coaches, the students and players that live and loved this young man everyday. Liabilty waivers only go so far they don't let you off the hook for negligence which is were most attorney's will go. The staff and students at gillbergs are most likely hurting over the death of a student and friend but until evrrything is known about what this is going to be the way it is handled.