Part 2 Of Dixie Carter's Interview - Discusses The Knockouts, Creative, Talent, & More

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Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA President Dixie Carter over the holiday season. Part one has been posted, can be seen here, the second part of the interview has been released. In the interview, Dixie gives her vision on what the knockouts should be, the creative stance in TNA, and their talent from young to old. The video can be seen below:

  • Patrick

    I have news for Dixie “SHimmer” has the more talented women in wrestling today.. the Knockouts do have talented female wrestlers but Shimmer is better.

  • LBP365

    The problem is whem it comes to the creative part she’s right, but also 11% is better than 10% but out of a 100% it’s still bad that’s the avg. Of TNA writing one great show follows nine bad show u need to make every show like right before a ppv.