Participants Announced For Traditional Survivor Series Match

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A Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match was announced for the pay-per-view on this week's WWE Raw. The match is as follows:

Team CM Punk
- CM Punk, The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow & Alberto Del Rio


Team Mick Foley
- Ryback, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, Kane & Randy Orton

WWE Survivor Series 2012 will take place Sunday, November 18, 2012 from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • bcrescen

    This is the most underwhelming teams assembled.

    • bishop27c

      I miss the days when they use to name the teams. I liked "Rude Brood" and "the Visionaries". What ruined all of this? "Twilight" movies? Team Edward and Team Jacob? Just put team in front of a first or last name and you're set?

  • rodneythomson

    What happened to Lesnar?

  • Miles

    Um….what? They better be changing the teams

  • Robert olley

    Hope there’s another 5 vs 5 match loved them since 1990 my first wwf ppv

    • bishop27c

      The only other match is the obvious one: Team Cena vs. Team Ziggles….yes, Ziggles.

      Cena/Mysterio/Sin Cara/R-Truth/Clay vs. Ziggler/Young/O'Neil/Cesaro/Barrett

      After this though, it pretty much guts the entire roster outside of the lower level talent. You can throw in a Big Show/Sheamus "Last Man Standing Match" and Eve vs. Kaitlyn for the Diva's title. That's 4 matches :-/

      This is why I'm fearing the mixed tag match of Cena/AJ vs. Ziggler/Vickie

  • bishop27c

    Ryback is the sole survivor, the only way they can make this go one more PPV before the Royal Rumble. Punk gets pinned here, but he beats Ryback in a TLC match. Make him look even stronger by having him in a 3-1 deficit and taking the win to close out the show. I'm not the biggest Ryback fan, but it's about building the next stars for tomorrow. They have a few established guys and some who are teetering on consistently being on the next level (IE Miz, Barrett, Ziggler). Kofi is getting up there, it's almost like they are starting over his climb when he was feuding with Orton back in 2009(?)

    So with Cena not being in this match, I am begging that he too has his own team to take on Ziggler's team. Please please please! NO MIXED TAG TEAM MATCH! (Cena/AJ vs. Ziggler/Vickie)

  • David Povilaitis

    I am quite disappointed I was really hoping it would consist of Brock Lesnar. Some of the Promotional posters even tease Undertaker

    • dev

      taker is having a surgery.. dont expect him to return now..

  • Sam The Man.

    Where is Brock?

  • dusty588

    It would be interesting if they made the match a title match.

  • kingjamsie

    This is a good line up, compared to other years, like last year(25th anniversary) there wasnt even a 5 on 5 match!

    • yolo

      Team Barrett vs Team Orton last year

  • tngbeard

    Participants… Eh…

    But why the hell the rush job to announce?

    Why not save that for next week’s Raw???

    They have three hours to fill and could have had Paul and Punk asking different guys to be on the team. Could have teased an Orton turn by him saying maybe only to be announced on team Foley, Big Show getting in their face about why would he need to when he’s WHChamp, etc. so much potential and they blew lots of backstage segments for last night and next week. I wish they would stop writing tv for the night and start for the future as well.


    Should be

    Team Punk

    CM Punk, Brock Lesner, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio & Wade Barrett


    Ryback, Randy Orton, Shamus, John Cena & Brodus Clay

    Your Welcome….

    • hjo

      so are you telling us that there will be no world/ wwe championships matches at the ppv?

      • SMEXY "Jay" SHUFFLE

        Better than having WWE title, Intercontinental title and the Tag titles in one match….

        Your welcome…..

    • XKonn247

      Brodus has zero momentum, Cena is programmed with Ziggler and you’ve spelt Sheamus wrong. Plus, the show needs at least one world title match!

  • Luan

    Man, this is horrible. Just put the heels and their current opponents on opposing teams!
    Come on! Where's the build up? Where are the random saves? Where are the 'backstage buddies' part?!

  • chris

    So we have Punk, Hell No, and Kofi in the one match. There goes Half the possible title matches, and all the titles that have actual momentum and interesting storyline. Looks like the title build up will consist of of bland Cesaro matches, poorly scripted Diva segments, and WMD vs Brouge.

  • Robert

    The WWE makes millions so why does everthing have to be PPV I would love to see these matches but I can not aford PPV

  • Eric

    There is no way they are going to let CM Punk go one year with the WWE Title and not defend it at the PPV he won it. What I think should happen is similar to Backlash 2009, where the WWE title was defended in a tag team match. The same could happen at Survivor Series. Team Foley vs Team Punk for the WWE Championship. If Punk's team wins, he remains champion; however, should Foley's team win, Ryback (probably the co-captain with Foley) will win the championship.

  • Austin

    Yawn….predictable and by the book. The only reason I was remotely interested in this match was Foley returning to the ring but since that’s out I couldn’t care less. I will say that Ryback pinning Punk in this match would be a good way for Ryback to get back some more momentun without Punk losing the title.

  • Dirk

    The only way that i can see brock getting involved in this match is punk says to foley , saying that if foley won't compete then neither will he but i highly doubt this due to the fact of him being wwe champion