Four Participants For The WWE Championship MITB Ladder Match Revealed; Brock Lesnar To Respond To Triple H Next Week

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- Kane, Big Show, Chris Jericho and John Cena have been announced as participants for the WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match at the pay-per-view next month. The criteria for participants is that only former WWE Champions are eligible for the bout.

- It was announced on tonight's Raw Supershow that Brock Lesnar will "respond" to Triple H's "challenge" for a match at SummerSlam on next week's show. As of this writing, Lesnar isn't advertised to appear live.

  • Simon

    So I wonder if the world heavyweight one will have similar conditions and if ziggler will then get his push

  • I thought the whole point of MITB was to evaluate new-and-upcoming talent?

    • Lee

      I thought the same thing now it's pointless to have the MITB match with former champ's in it, also with the two MITB match's one for the WWE title n the other for the World now we all know who's going to face who for the title's.

  • Swanson

    Four?!? Seriously….. And while I know Kane won before and Jericho is a ladder great…… But that’s crazy.

  • Kleck

    I understand they don’t want to waste Brock Lesner appearances per his contract, but I would hope that he would make another appearance soon. I love Heymen and his form of entertainment but would also like to see Brock stir the pot.

  • stoney

    Must be former WWE champions: Mark Henry (injured), Miz (filming), Ziggler, Swagger, Rey Mysterio (returned from), Khali (please no), Christian, Orton (suspended), and Del Rio (will most likely face Sheamus at MITB)

    the World Heavyweight Championship MITB: Cody Rhodes Vs Kofi Vs Otunga Vs Santino Vs Sin Cara Vs Ryback Vs Drew McIntyre Vs Brodus Clay

    • chelu671

      Unless I'm misinterpreting this wrong, but they did say former WWE CHAMPIONS, which doesn't include Smackdown's World Heavyweight Championship lineage.

      If only former WWE Champions are allowed…. Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Great Khali, & Christian don't qualify… while they are former World Champions, they've never held the WWE Title, currently held by CM Punk…

      Current former WWE Champions on the roster, not announced for RAW's MITB : Rey Mysterio, Triple H, The Rock, Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, & the Undertaker….

      Realistically, I can only see Rey Mysterio being announced to take apart of RAW's MITB WWE Title Shot… Triple H is starting a program with Brock Lesnar… Del Rio is vying for a World Title shot…. Orton is suspended… Taker is semi-retired & Rock is still off in Hollywood…

      My guess is WWE may bring in a former WWE Champion to fill out the RAW MITB spots, if they're serious about it….

      As for Smackdown's MITB… remains to be seen…

      • stoney

        I'm pretty sure it's former WWE champions and former World Heavyweight Champions

      • Alejandro

        You forgot The Miz. He’s due for a push considering that his movie will be coming out. I could see him winning it again.

  • eric

    Wat about miz n rey make it six

  • eric

    World champ ziggler, christan, mark h, jack s, khali,

  • Lewis

    They should have made it 6 and got Rey & Del Rio involved or if not Del Rio, bring back Nash or Sid again for a bit of fun

  • JasonGaza

    Trust me wwe will definetly add on Rey, Kofi and Miz to it, they wouldnt just make it four people. For smackdown i say Ziggler Swagger Christian sin cara Otunga Ryback brodus Clay and Rhodes

    • Joe O.

      I agree with Rey being a part of it, but definitely not Kofi. Did you listen to the criteria? And as far as The Miz, I’d love to see him in it and win it again but that just depends on if he’s done filming The Marine 3 by then.

  • Dan

    It won’t be four heavyweights. No chance.

  • xjcms

    Ryback wins the mitb smackdown version and keep squashing jobbers until his time comes then comes out after a pay per view and finish sheamus or whoever has the title then him and mark henry have a feud like see him finish the wsm