Participants In The 12-Man Tag Match At Wrestlemania, Brodus Clay’s Return Match, The Undertaker’s Hair, Does Vince Understand Good Wrestling?

Is WWE holding off on who will be in the 12-man tag match because they are waiting until the last moment to see if guys like Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio and Christian will be able to compete? Also, what do you think the chances are of Evan Bourne competing in the match?

Every name you mentioned has been linked to the 12-man tag team match at Wrestlemania XXVIII in some fashion. One of the names you mentioned was confirmed at last night's Smackdown taping but I don't want to spoil it here. To read happened at last night's taping, click here.

After about a month off television, Brodus Clay comes back and that's what we get? Really?! The character is running it's course pretty quickly with no real direction. So what, if anything, is next for the Funkasaurus? He's got to feud with someone, right?

This is how WWE builds a new gimmick, they put it over in squash matches to gauge crowd reactions. How the crowd reacts will determine where the gimmick goes from there. Brodus Clay wasn't randomly pulled from TV, there were circumstances regarding the decision which I discussed in yesterday's Ask WNW. It's basically "take two" on Brodus Clay so forget everything that happened before this week and we'll see where it goes from here.

With The Undertaker wearing a hood on Monday's Raw Supershow is he really bald?

The Undertaker shaved his head last year and his hair had not grown out long enough. WWE had him return in a wig but it looked really bad. The hood has been used since the terrible wig and I don't know where they plan on going from here but clearly Undertaker's hair is part of the build in his Hell in a Cell match against Triple H with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee.

We always hear about what Vince McMahon likes in a superstar - big marketable look. This might sound like a stupid question but how much does McMahon appreciate a solid technical wrestling match?

Vince McMahon knows a good performer from a bad one, however, he also understands the business part of the business. It was The Rock that pointed out a couple weeks ago that a lot of the boys today don't get the "business" part of the wrestling business. What I think The Rock was talking about is Vince understands how to make money. You have to understand that great technical wrestling is only a part of what makes WWE popular. McMahon wants the entire family engaged in his product because what's more profitable? Serving one in a household or the entire household plus animals? As much as I would like to see every show loaded with dream wrestling-heavy match-ups, it wouldn't get over with WWE's mainstream fan base.

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  • john peeler

    i don't think the undertaker is completly bald does anybody agree .

    • Dufus

      Richard Gray who answers the questions said Undertaker grew his hair but it wasn't long enough so Undertaker wore the hood because the wig was lame. Read what is on here before posting.

      • Howard Stern

        Geez you really take offence to discussion boards don't you? Lighten up bro or you'll never make any friends

    • monty

      i don't know each time there is a great wrestling match more and more fans cheer more than anything else. orton vs ziggler was a great match cm.punk vs bryan was a great match

      i don't have issue with VM trying other things but atleast give us one great wrestling match each monday and friday

      • Johnny D

        I am curious why someone voted you down. Do they not like great wrestling matches?? I agree, there should be at least one technical wrestling match per show.

      • Jennie Smith

        amen, so much talking it would be nice to see a lot more action

  • J-Dub

    I agree I am getting tired of seeing Brodus Clay in squash matches, but I do understand that since he was off TV for a couple of weeks they kinda have to start over. I can't wait to he gets some sort of feud.

    • Jennie Smith

      he's really gross and those dancers not much to like all the way around

  • Frenchfry

    Anyone who doubts VKM's knowledge is just silly

  • WWE missed a marketing goldmine for Wrestlemania.

    It should have been The Undertaker V's HHH with Shawn Michaels as the special referee in a HIAC loser get's their hair cut on top of a pole with Brutus The Barber Beefcake as the special hairdresser.

  • Tomas

    Bullshit on that Brodus Clay build up. He already screwed himself with his arrogance, now they're going to build him up and then use him to feed to someone à la Umaga-Cena 07-08. You know it and I know it. If not then I will personally give you a shiny engraved portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

  • Tomas

    Oh and RE: Undertaker bald- What they should do is have him wrestle w/ VERY, Very light gothic skull makeup. Darken the eyes, hollow out the sockets, highlight the cheek bones, give his face an even gaunter look. It's not hard and rather effective, I used to do it all the time back in theatre.

  • Scottyo614

    People mad at Brodus Clay woulda had a heart attack over Goldberg…

  • James

    Taker looks badass with the hood

  • @jblack424

    Just gonna roll down on thoughts of each question. I think they want all in matter if they can wrestle. Also want thoughts or answers on both these questions is it elimination. If its elimination this match might steal the show on entertainment and spot value. Also I like this if its elimination but if not I would of prefered mitb would everyone else want mitb instead?

    Taker looks badass with the hood. I love the look actually darker than previous characters just on look. I am sick of twenty minute promos saying same thing over and over again.also he wrestles once a year know the date

    I think brodus needs a fued cause this squash stuff has got old to a lot of ppl. I’m not saying winning every match but make it a 5 minute match. Random ten minute match etc. I see him dance more than wrestle.

    Vince knows wrestling. He grew up in it made and has top wrestling industry there is. Now I’ve learned can’t make everyone happy but one thing I think we can all agree is april 1st on paper looks to be the greatest wrestling event ever and I can say personally I can’t wait. List of matches I want to see most- 1.y2j vs punk my opinion will be greatest match ever at wm. 2.rock cena explains self. match. If its elimination 4.hell in cell want to see what hbk does 5.orton vs kane if non dq. This isn’t taker hhh but the non fear factor is same.6.sheamus vs bryan. Idk I could see vince opening with this match as its been probably least promoted match on card. I think will be great match but if others are as I hope no dq elimination this would be my 6th. 7. Then cody vs show and I think this will be a very solid match man I can’t wait. Plus a divas match but trust me when I tell you I will look at the eye candy

  • Roger

    "Serving one in a household or the entire household plus animals?"
    Sounds a little exaggerating.

  • Cheddar

    I didn't know WWE had a mainstream fan base. Seriously, nobody I work with has ever even heard of John Cena, and I work at a college where you'd think at least one other person would know about wrestling. I bought a CM Punk shirt over the summer and the first time I wore it to school, two people asked me what is a CM Punk. The only person who has talked to me about wrestling is some redneck carny fair worker at the state fair. He asked me was I at Money in the Bank since I had the shirt.

    My mom doesn't even remember The Rock or Stone Cold even though I mimicked them every morning getting up for school. Seriously, the night he came back to announce he was hosting Wrestlemania last year,I text her and said "I feel like I'm 12 again, The Rock is on Monday Night Raw!" She replied back : "That still comes on? Was he the one with the face paint?"

    Vince may think he has a mainstream audience, but most people could give two Flyin' rats about wrestling in general and probably just come to the shows because there's something "Larger than Life" in town.

    Let the wrestlers have personalities that draw people in like they used to. I stopped watching for a couple of years because I was tired of the generic first and last name MMA type wrestlers. For example: I know Punk is into MMA, but he's also straightedge and into metal and punk rock music, into horror movies, tattoos, etc., things that I also enjoy. Not to mention he is a good wrestler. So now that I feel like one of "my kind" is wrestling, I don't mind watching it again.

  • Johnny Hayder

    If Vince McMahon doesn’t give a damn about technical wrestlers then explain to me why guys like Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle and more recently Daniel Bryan ever became world/wwe champion? Vince may have all his flaws but he recognizes wrestling even if he doesn’t focus solely on it. I’m training to be a pro wrestler well, already got
    My foot in the door but I know I’m not hot shit yet. I am working on every area that needs to be worked, in-ring, THE look, persona and mic skills! Obviously I wanna focus more on wrestling right now because I’m the
    Green horn I don’t ever want to hurt anybody in the ring.

    • mcjay

      cool story bro

  • H.M.

    Out of every feud heading into Wrestlemania, it's so sad to see Smackdowns WHC title match receive such relatively poor build especially when it features the RR 2012 winner.. Rhodes/Show is fine where it is, so it's getting adequate attention for what it ought to be, but Kane/Orton as well as the GM situation are receiving more attention than this feud. This is the 2nd year in a row where the Royal Rumble winner hasn't been the 'hype'maker as I call it, heading into Wrestlemania. Of course this years Mania is stacked, but that doesn't excuse the underwhelming bit of hype surrounding this match if at all. They could have done a much better job in booking Sheamus/Bryan but it looks to be the generic build to a WHC match type of stuff…unbecoming of Wrestlemania. Very disappointed. They have two shows after this Friday(where nothing seems to be changing) to pick things up plus some good segments on Raw.

  • bruno

    WWE is more of entertainment than wrestling

  • Blazeking

    Maybe Taker's wig looked bad was because we already knew he shaved his head bald? Perception works in strange ways, lol.