Paul Heyman Guy Faction Coming To WWE Raw?; Update On Creative Plans For The NXT Stars Plus Details On A Plan Scrapped From Raw, Randy Orton's Program Blowoff, Creative Waiting To Repackage Popular Mid-Card Star But Why Vince Has Delayed It

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- The current plan is to align Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns with CM Punk and Paul Heyman in some fashion. We noted there was no plan for the developmental studs after Survivor Series and there was talk about them operating alone. The plan of them operating alone hasn't been completely scrapped but from what we were told, the feeling out of Raw is they'll get over quicker as Heyman guys.

- In fact, there was a plan for all three to wear the "I'm A Paul Heyman Guy." t-shirt that Punk wore [on Raw] although that obviously wasn't executed.

- The 2-out-of-3 falls match between Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio was scheduled to be the program's blowoff. It appears WWE will continue with a slow heel turn for Orton although there is currently no news on where he goes from here.

- Everyone is waiting for Brodus Clay to be repackaged but we're told "Vince loves him some Funkasaurus" so that's why it has been delayed. Vince likes the PG appeal but almost everyone feels the gimmick has ran its course.

  • PainOfDemise

    Yes, repackage brodus clay as the monster that he was before he became the Funkasaurus. Give him back the fall of humanity as his finisher. It was a lot cooler than the plain belly flop.

    • Bault16

      Like it really matters what his character or finisher is.

      • Matt Scott

        You mean like when Steve Austin was paired with DiBiase and used the Million Dollar Dream… Got no where near over. Character and finisher change and boom!


    This whole "Paul Heyman guy" crap is a joke. They are all Vince McMahon guys.

    • Matt Scott

      Do some research, fella.