Paul Bearer Confirmed For WWE HoF, The Rock Not Cleared To Travel Overseas

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Paul Bearer to WWE Hall of Fame

The UK Sun is reporting that WWE has confirmed that Paul Bearer will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next year.

We reported here on on May 1, 2013 that Bearer was considered a lock but it appears as though The UK Sun got the full confirmation.

The Rock Not Cleared to Travel Overseas

The Rock has had to miss some promotional commitments in the United Kingdom for Fast & Furious 6 as he's been unable to travel overseas following hernia surgery.

  • oooooooh yesssssssssss

  • This is great. I just hate that most people who should have been inducted forever ago are overlooked until they die.

    • Lrgetrout9

      Unfortunately, the Undertaker was probably what was “holding back” Paul from being inducted. Barring the death, I wouldn’t be surprised if they planned to induct the two in the same year.

  • Matt

    Living in the UK I know to take The Sun confirming ANYTHING with a huge pinch of salt. I’ll believe it when WWE comment.

    • Danny_Boy

      Nobody cares what you believe.

      • Matt

        think the 9 likes I got and 2 dislikes you got say orherwise. There’s a site for uneducated trolls like you were you can argue to your hearts content and pretend people in the world actually give a single solitary damn what you think. It’s fallen YouTube and its full of idiots. Go play there until an adult discussion is possible for you.

        • Austin 3:16

          Aren’t you the F’ing douche who jumped somebody else’s bones for answering a question. Yeah thought so, so why don’t do you join those idiots as well you dumbass

  • sir-rusty82

    This pretty much sums it up that Rock wont be in another match in the wwe, how many movie producers would want to invest in having the Rock on movies if his going to miss out in promoting or imagine if this happened last year when he was filming GIJOE, he def would not be my 1st choice to be in a movie if I was a producer

  • John

    I had no idea The Sun even covered WWE? They definitely don’t have any WWE news stories in their daily newspapers unless it’s a high profile death.

    • Kenneth

      It’s a while since I’ve looked at the Sun but doesn’t Paul Heyman have a column there? The Heyman Hustle or something?

      • John

        Possibly on the website, but definitely not in the paper itself.

        • Kenneth

          Ah, fair enough. They did the last time I saw a Sun, it was abut a half-page mixed in with all the crap, but then the last time I saw a Sun was about 3 years ago.