Paul Bearer Remembered, Big Andy Says Frustration Did Him In, JR Broadcasting NBA

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- WWE paid tribute to Paul Bearer at the beginning of all three live events so far this weekend by playing their awesome tribute video. I would expect the same for the shows Sunday night as well as Monday's WWE Raw. If you want to know how I think Bearer should be honored, read my editorial at this link.

- WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine told FOX Sports that it was frustration that did him in and ultimately resulted in his termination from WWE. Leavine is looking to play pro football, even if that means playing in the Canadian Football League.

- Jim Ross will broadcast the second quarter of the Boston Celtics vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game on Sunday.

  • soulfool

    What was his frustration ?

  • soulfool

    The last TE was a joke !!!

  • Rick

    He sucked anyways…..Luke should have won

  • PainOfDemise

    His frustration? He was practically handed a WWE contract compared to everyone who actually had to EARN their contract. Guess he had a bit of an ego and didn’t think he had to work his way up either.

  • Dangerous Lee

    If I completely sucked balls in the ring, I’d be frustrated too…

  • GMW

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  • Andy never had what it took to win Tough Enough. He had no heart, determination and only minimal skills. I think him winning is why the talks of another season have really turned into nothing and the chances of another season are small right now. Maven was a better winner than he was. Just that rub of Maven eliminating Taker at the Rumble is one of the biggest upset moments I can think of. Andy is forgettable