How The Controversial Paul Bearer Angle From Raw Was Received Backstage, What Has Vince McMahon Thinking Twice About The Booking Of John Cena, Wrestlemania Opener, Pay-Per-View Shocker?

- We're told everyone backstage loved the way the CM Punk angle played out on this week's WWE Raw and it was well received, despite the controversy and criticism it received online. The real question that came up was what would the storyline and heat around it been built around had it not been for the tragic passing of Paul Bearer. No one had a good answer.

- Vince McMahon seemed more open to a John Cena heel turn than he has before based on the disappointing reaction his promo received on this week's Raw. While everyone is used to the mixed reaction, the "boring" chants caused concern.

- The talk on Monday was for Chris Jericho vs. Fandango to open the Wrestlemania 29 pay-per-view broadcast. Things like this often change but if it holds true, Fandango will be in an even bigger high-pressure situation.

- There was a meeting with the writers and producers after this week's WWE TV tapings about the pay-per-view on Sunday but we didn't hear what was discussed. Some were talking about a "shocker," but we were told it's probably nothing to get excited about.

  • jackkedx10

    i think its finally time to turn john heel. if they don’t do it this sunday then its going to be another miss opportunity.

  • Chalon

    I like every part of this article.

  • This is pretty well WWE’s last chance to turn Cena and it to be a massively impactful event. After this, people will think that they are doing it just to do it.

    Fandango has a very incredible opportunity to become one of the most over new stars that WWE has produced over the year, but he has to have a great match with Jericho and make it look like to the haters that Jericho did not “carry” it. After everything I have seen and read, Fandango may be the breakout star of WrestleMania,

  • Xavier

    I’m for a a Cena heel turn at the moment. This is truly the 1st time that the WWE is in a good position to do it in with Ryback on the rise, Punk being there, Christain coming in soon, Sheamus staying over as a face and the face turns of Miz & ADR. A heel Cena would have plenty of faces to oppose him. And at this point Cena has done everything you could possibly do as a face.

    The Taker/Punk angle was the by far the best segment of the night, as long as the Moody family didn’t find it offensive then I’m cool with it.

    I disagree with Jericho/Fandango opening the show. I think this match would be better served as a filler match later in the card. Possibly going on anywhere between the 4th-7th match on the card. I think either the tag match or the ADR/Swagger match should open.

    • Win

      Miz as a face is in a pre-show Wrestlemania Match. Miz as a heel is was headlining Wrestlemania with The Rock and Joh Cena. Miz has convinced no one he’s a face. Neither has Orton and I’m 50/50 on Del Rio. Not sure what was going on backstage when they decided these 3 should be heels. Either Cena on Orton should he’d back 2 the dark side. And I’m still hoping Batista makes an appearance!!!

  • Nostaljack

    Cena’s promo was flat-out awful. I’ve heard him say the things he said the way he said them about a million times by now. It was like watching paint try. Unlike most people, I don’t generally hate his promos but this one was really weak.

    • Xavier

      Agreed. Cena’s done all he could possibly do as a face. I think even Cena is starting to realize this, Cena even seemed bored with what he was saying. WWE for the 1st time in the Cena era can finally afford to turn him heel, with guys like Ryback on the rise along with Daniel Bryan, Christian returning soon, Orton, CM Punk if they turn him face again, ADR & MIz they finally have enough viable babyfaces too oppose/challenge Cena. The question is to who’s capable of taking over the Make-A-Wish. Fight Against Breast Cancer and all the other stuff Cena is involved in, could Ryback be that guy you think?

  • John

    The more i think about Rock vs. Cena, the more it convinces me that Triple H will go over Brock Lesnar! There is no possible outcome to Rock/Cena that wouldn’t overshadow the end of Triple H’s career should he lose.

    If Cena aligns with The Shield at WrestleMania, it would be a more historic moment for the WWE than when Austin aligned with Vince at WrestleMania 17.

  • Winnipeg

    This is the Wrestlemania card.
    -Fandango beats Jericho (dirty)
    -Alberto keeps the belt
    -Shawn causes Lesnar to loose
    -Taker beats punk & disappears for another year
    -Randy turns heal and becomes the face of The Shield or just turns heal with out The Shield
    -Cena beats Rock & Vince stays skeptic about turning Cena
    *BOOM* save ur $60 and just read the play by play on WNW.

    • ArrogantPrick

      I really hope you get the majority of these wrong, just to stop the arrogance.

      • Winnipeg

        Me to bro. Me to.

    • Firstly, it’s ‘heel’ not ‘heal’. Secondly, if WWE makes Randy Orton the face of The Shield then the state of the writing in WWE is even worse than I’d thought. Randy Orton has no business being in such a prominent role. As much as I think that children should have heroes they can trust and depend on – I think we need a Cena heel-turn to shake things up. I also think that ADR needs to beat Swagger before loosing to Ziggler – who leaves with two belts after Team Hell No implode – setting up a programme between Kane and Daniel Bryan. We also need at least one surprise return.

      • Winnipeg

        Firstly it’s spelt program
        Secondly it’s implodes since your trying to refer your statement regarding more then one person. And I agree Randy shouldn’t have a prominent role but I still don’t know how much influence he has with Triple H

  • LeftyTosser

    Let’s face it folks, RAW is flat in general. It has nothing to do with Cena, Punk, ADR, Show, Orton or anyone else. The writing has been horrible for the past couple of years and there is no end in sight. Cena turning would certainly boost things a bit, but the writing has got to get better. Even the Rock hasn’t been able to maintain any real ratings momentum heading towards the biggest event of the year for the industry. One of the biggest stars of the current generation and even he can’t keep momentum going. Fans want to see story lines that build and build to a huge ending. The story lines cannot change week to week and month to month. Whether you like TNA or not, the Aces and Eights story has kept viewers attention. It may not be picking up new viewers, but it has kept the numbers at least at the same level. And that story line has been ongoing for over a year.

    Ryback should be turned as well. He needs to be a heel to really get further over with the crowd. The numbers continue to be weak or flat at best for the leader of the industry. HHH is a smart guy and hopefully VKM will give him enough room to make the changes that are necessary to bring WWE back to the brand that it should be.

    On a side note, if Dixie Carter is smart she will put a HUGE push on starting about 2 weeks after Mania to build her brand. By that time the Mania hoopla will die down and fans will be looking for something more than WWE (or TNA currently) are offering.

    • If anything TNA should be doing that now. Wrestlemania is also a good thing for other wrestling promotions as people will look for shows to see if it is better than WWE. That is why TNA & ROH will have shows in NY/NJ, the fans will win that week. So they should push someone now. TNA has with Bully Ray

  • I don’t care how good of a card there is, $70 for hd is a lot of money… it will probably just convince more people to group together and order it as a whole… wwe is going to lose buys…. Why should I pay $70 and my 5 friends pay $70 when we can all split it?? if its $45 or even $50 I probably wouldn’t care as much

    • You do have a point – it’s usually about £14.95 here in the UK. I’m perfectly happy to pay £14.95 but at £19.95 I’d have to seriously think about it and at £24.95 I wouldn’t consider it. It’s not about whether or not you can afford it – but there’s a price point at which you value something. If they were to make it too expensive in the UK then you’d get too many people deciding that rather than paying for the privilege of sitting up until 5am and being too tired to really enjoy the show – they’d just rather wait and download it for free the next day. The same applies to things like Spotify and Netflix – if people consider the price of something to be reasonable then they’ll pay – but if they don’t then they’ll pay nothing. People don’t consider the fact that what they’re doing is essentially like walking into a shop and walking out with a product without paying because they didn’t like the price – but that’s how the internet works. That’s why services likes Spotify and Netflix are a really good thing – they get money out of people who wouldn’t otherwise have paid.

  • Flow

    Im sure richard has the news on what the meeting was about but for obvious reasons cant post them online for fear of wwe finding out and changing their mind. If Vince is on board with Cena turning heel then im sure thats what that meeting was for, to give everybody time to come up with a unpredictable way for it to go down.

  • sir-rusty82

    What has honestly gone wrong with the writers, ofcourse the show was gonna suck if they didn’t have the Rock & Cena face off at the same time in the ring what were they thinking having them on 2 separate segments the raw before Wrestle Mania. Brock Lesnar only standing there looking dumb, I wanted Brock to get his hands dirty win lose or draw I don’t care I just wanted to see action, great to see HBK but only 1 episode before raw and throw him straight on the WM card. Once they actually use to put thought into wrestle mania & have frueds going for months to lead upto wrestle mania but I guess they only need 1 episode of raw to do it now. Call me stupid because Im still expecting a good show at WM as the matches are a good line up but the lead up hasn’t sucked but it could have been so much better