Paul Ellering At Live Event, Cena Recruits Alexander Jones, Sheamus Speaks

- Paul Ellering was at Friday night's Smackdown live event in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

- We previously reported that WWE has signed Alexander Jones to a developmental contract. The deal is for three years and Jones was personally recruited by John Cena. has the story online at this link.

- The Flagship has a new article online featuring quotes from Sheamus to promote Sunday's Smackdown taping in Richmond, Virginia. Click here to read it.

  • Alex Jones spent 10 days in wrestling school then got signed by developmental?! On top of that he’s not even a wrestling fan…..great.

    • Bubba J

      Where does it say that he is not a wrestling fan?

      • Grinchy McGrump

        Probably the bit on the first page where he says he wasn't exposed to wrestling much and he watch monday night football instead of monday night raw when he was younger.
        Doesn't mean he's not a fan now though, just that he's not a die-hard, live and breathe it 24/7, 3rd generation wrestling nerd like some of us are (guilty, btw).

  • elstitchio

    Does this mean cenas gonna be working in talent relations when he retires?

  • RobUK

    Well he must have something special then…especially if good old JR is raving about him.

  • Batman

    Paul Ellering was at Friday night’s Smackdown live event in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    …who? Maybe say who the guy is if it’s news that he’s there?

    • Ken

      Managed LOD Hawk & Animal, apparently you're not a long term die hard fan