Paul Heyman Asked About December To Dismember In New Dot Com Piece

Paul Heyman says he was interviewed by dot com for a piece on WWE's infamous ECW December to Dismember 2006 pay-per-view which ultimately resulted in his departure from the company. Heyman Tweeted about the interview:

  • Shawn Murphy

    Classic Heyman. The best manager ever in the industry.

    • William Shatner

      I dunno, I always thought that Rocco had his moments with the LoD.

      • William Shatner

        What muppet thumbed this down? It was a joke you tosser.

  • that_one_guy

    What happen that night

  • criddler

    I can't wait for raw in philly dec 17 – hopefully punk is there with his bum leg… because theres no way heyman and punk aren't over with that crowd… little kids might not get it but i suspect there will be enough there who love what paul did for wrestling in philadelphia, and Punk has deep philly ties at the arena with ring of honor.

  • Leo Devlin

    If I had money and I mean LOTS OF MONEY, I would hire Paul Heyman and have him bring back ECW, not Vince’s ECW, HIS ECW! Do a one night tribute show featuring the old hacks and then at the same time digesting which ones are still good and which ones just plain suck. Give WWE a real competition. Oh how I wish I was billionaire man!

    • Great idea! That’s never been done before!

    • MrCheese13

      If I had lots of money I’d hire Heyman to follow me round and tell everyone how great I am