Paul Heyman On How Much Is Scripted, Video Of Cesaro Working Out

Heyman on How Much is Scripted

Paul Heyman did an in-character interview with Below is an excerpt:

So how much is scripted and how much is live and off the cuff?

Paul Heyman: That all depends on how much talent you have, your knowledge of what sells and how much you’re willing to stick your neck out to exploit the opportunity of having a live mike on live TV.

You can read the full interview at this link.

Antonio Cesaro Working Out

WWE posted a video of Antonio Cesaro working out. You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

[youtube id="MpGtdTlPXKI" width="620" height="360"]

Like the video of Rosa Mendes, it’s titled as preparation for Wrestlemania 29. As of this writing, neither Cesaro nor Mendes are on the card.

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