Paul Heyman Returns To WWE; CM Punk Spoils On Twitter

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Paul Heyman returned to WWE on tonight's edition of Raw Supershow as Brock Lesnar's "legal representative."

WWE Champion CM Punk spoiled the return of Heyman with the following Tweet posted at 10:32 PM EDT:


  • Mike504saintswhodat

    Man I totally had a mark out moment I could not believe that Heyman was back. I hope that this leads to Wwe using managers more again, they have Heyman, Vickie, AW I think that using managers again would be awesome and make it more believable when a little heel beats a huge guy like Big Show. But back to the point Heyman one of the greatest minds ever in the business is back now I can truly say Here Comes The Pain!!!!

    • Anand

      Too many managers too will spoil the fun. WWE should limit the number of managers to maybe 3 or 4 good ones and have them cause the chaos. Anyways – these days the storylines are becoming more and more unpredictable and I am loving it 🙂

  • John Strunbull

    How can Heyman get a reaction when most of the fans is a group of clueless 7 to 8 year-old kids who knew nothing about pro-wrestling history. All they knew is "Let's go Cena" *sigh*

  • scott seefong

    i was at least expecting a ecw chant from the crowd (especially when hayman mentioned wwe pg), but sadly i think most of the wwe's audience has no clue who he is. even joey styles would have had no chance.

  • Chris

    After seeing Brock on RAW a couple of weeks back when he gave his list of demands to Johnny Ace, I was cringing at his mike skills and thinking he really needs Heyman as his mouthpiece to make this really work.

  • Kevin

    My question is this: Did Brock REALLY quit, or is this just a storyline?