Paul Heyman Says "Everything" Of WWE's Attitude Era Is Owed To What ECW Did; Says Vince McMahon Should Be A Heyman Guy has a new Q&A online with Paul Heyman to promote WWE '13. Below is an excerpt:

So when you think back, how much of WWE’s Attitude Era is owed to what you were already doing in ECW?

Everything! It’s funny, because when you interview writers from that era, they will blatantly tell you that they’d watch ECW television, get ideas, sit on those ideas for a couple of months, then pitch them to Vince and say “Hey, I got this great idea for The Undertaker and The Big Show where they go through a ring,” failing to mention that they saw Taz and Bam Bam Bigelow do it in Asbury Park.

Vince McMahon became a billionaire based on Attitude, and Attitude was spawned by the ECW experience. If I could give you one sound bite, one headline, it’s this: Vince McMahon might not proclaim himself to be a Paul Heyman guy, but he sure should.

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  • havoc525

    Got to admit, he’s pretty damn accurate. Even Austin admits having lifted his Stone Cold gimmick from Sandman for the most part.

    • Andrew Ace

      There’s a difference when someone can take something and make it work. Taz and b.b.b. go through the ring no one cares taker and show do it and its huge and big ratings boost. Sandman is a badass drunk no cares. Stone cold does it it becomes the greatest gimmick in the attitude era and in wrestling period

      • havoc525

        Actually, it’s not that “nobody cared,” it’s more having a larger audience. If YOU fall off a ladder through a table “nobody cares,” but Jeff Hardy does it, a few people care, Sin Cara does it and it’s a big deal.

      • SRP

        WWE was mainstream. That’s the difference. It doesn’t change the fact that their ideas were lifted from ECW.

        • Bishop


    • Austin 3:16

      That's laughable, Austin never said that. And Heyman had nothing too do with the attitude era. Comparing Sandman too Austin is like comparing Ryan Leaf too Joe Montana

      • havoc525

        If you’re that delusional, there’s no talking sense to you. Troll on buddy.

  • Austin 3:16

    Heyman is full of shit. He didn't have a damn thing too do with the success of the attitude era.

    • SRP

      He has former writers to back up his claim. What do you have?

  • Evon Reese

    If he doesn't shut up about Vince then it's bye bye Paul.

  • Sweetonion

    Bring back ecw