Paul Heyman Shoots On Dixie Carter Wanting To Do Crossover Show With WWE

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Dixie Carter told Digital Spy last month she "absolutely" would do a crossover show with WWE (See also - Dixie Carter Says She “Absolutely” Would Do Crossover Show With WWE). The publication interviewed Paul Heyman about the comments ahead of Sunday's WWE Payback pay-per-view. Below is an excerpt:

"…it would make no sense for WWE with 95% global share to do an event with TNA with its 5% global market share!"

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  • Nostaljack

    Well, Dixie’s statement was absolutely silly. All Paul did was tell the truth about the ridiculousness of it. If Dixie imagines that her extremely inept “indie promotion with a TV deal” could presume to have anything to do with WWE, she’s delusional. I know what I typed looks really mean but I’m just being real. On this site, Richard’s aim has been to cover WWE and TNA in roughly the same amounts. That (understandable) choice has led some to think that WWE and TNA are on the same playing field. They aren’t…not even close. TNA has no clue how to market itself so it’s unlikely that it’ll be anything more than what it is. WWE is quite justified in simply acting like TNA doesn’t exist. In the eyes of most people, they don’t.

    • Yet, if you had a company like TNA, you wouldn’t mind having a crossover show. Yeah, we know it is not going to happen, but Dixie is making the right business answer. Who wouldn’t want to do that when they have the second largest wrestling company in the world?! It would be insane if Dixie said she wouldn’t want to do it.

      • Nostaljack

        I see your point, Alex, but, again, second is such a relative term when we use it in this case. The distinction between first and second in this case is ludicrous. In reality, it is, but there’s no comparison whatsoever. As you said, it’ll never happen. WWE doesn’t acknowledge their existence…and they have no reason to.

    • Avalanchian

      I get what you are saying. It benefits your competition more than your popular brand. Then try and figure out who goes over who in matches would be a disaster as then if some TNA talent won some matches it makes the WWE look weak unless we let them beat Santino, Ryder, 3MB.

  • Matt

    Lest he forget that WWE did a crossover with ECW back in the day and that really helped to catipult ECW to become the 3rd in the 90’s wars.

    • EricDraven86

      That was when WCW was around, and Vince was somewhat on the ropes. They ARE the market now, so they don’t need to play nice with other companies like they used to.

    • Nostaljack

      When you’re essentially 3rd out of 3, I’m not sure that counts. Also, ECW was doing something completely different. TNA is doing the “small time” copy of what WWE and WCW already did.

  • Paul

    I’m waiting for Eric Bischoff to take to twitter to retaliate by calling Paul Heyman fat or bald. Following that Hogan will take to twitter to preach about positivity and then call Paul Heyman and mark and then subsequently delete his twitter posts.

  • Paul

    A mark I mean

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    You guys, leave my Dixie alone!

  • smb

    TNA lasted longer than ECW and might be driving paul jealous

  • Kenneth

    From the perspective of WWE as a business entity with its 95% market share a crossover show makes little sense at all in the short term.

    From the perspective of the WWE as the primary representative of a niche entertainment genre that is often looked down upon by the mainstream media it would make a lot of long term business sense to make sure that the industry as a whole, even their competitors, has a strong footing.

  • Charles

    Paul Heyman says it wouldn’t make sense for the WWE. Well duhhh.

  • floydavenged

    To the people saying that wwe helped ecw didn’t Vince financially back ecw? That’s what I remember.