Paul Heyman To Face Performance Review On Raw, Chris Jericho’s New WWE Contract, Brock Lesnar Re-Signs?

- Paul Heyman reacts to CM Punk’s loss here on dot com. In the video, Heyman is told he’ll face Vince McMahon in a performance review live on this week’s WWE Raw.

- The word coming out of Royal Rumble is that Chris Jericho has a deal that will keep him around at least until Wrestlemania. We should have more later but it clearly looks like they are picking up on his program with Dolph Ziggler.

- In other big news coming out of the pay-per-view, Brock Lesnar is believed to have a new WWE contract. The deal, which WWE has been trying to accomplish for the last couple of months, is believed to be part-time for the next two years.  His original contract was up after Wrestlemania 29.

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  • thebops

    Why would Vince give Heyman a performance review?? Heyman doesn’t work for Vince.

    • Win

      He does work on his programming.

      • Cef Fracker

        Heyman works for CM Punk that has been the story line. There is no logical reason for Vince to be evaluating Heyman. I think VInce is just tired of paying Heyman so this is a story to get rid of him.

        • SoulFool

          Once again…Bad Storylines/Creative !!!

      • SoulFool

        Yes…but He isn’t The GM !!!

    • SoulFool

      I was think that exact same shit !!!

  • that_one_guy

    Yes!!! Brock lesnar future wwe champion and the match i wanna see so bad lesnar vs punk

  • Eloy Tijerina

    Come on guys- Don’t you see it??? This is the storyline that will bring Brock Lesnar back!!!! Lesnar vs HHH with Vince in HHH’s corner and Heyman in Lesnar’s corner

  • Michael

    It looks like Vince giving Heyman the review will lead to Brock returning to help leading to HHH coming out and setting up a rematch a mania.

    • Soumen Bose

      HHH would not dream to wrestle Brock but i think it should be the storyline for the rock wrestle Brock in wrestilemania since last night cena told that he won’t face rock or cm punk at wrestilemania

  • Dan

    Jericho is here (in Aus) in Feb for Soundwave music festival. Should be about two weeks here.

  • BobCobb

    I was hoping to never see lesnar again after WM. That’s a shame

  • SoulFool

    TNA/WWE = Blind

  • Soumen Bose

    Finally its good to see vince get F5 from Brock Lesner