Why There Is Growing Concern Regarding WWE Payback On Sunday, Dolph Ziggler's Medical Clearance Back In Question, CM Punk's WWE Return & What We've Been Told By Multiple Sources

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- WWE will fill out the WWE Payback card on this week's TVs but many feel they waited too late and it's really going to hurt the buyrate of an already B-level show. Prior to this week's Raw, only three matches have been announced.

- While it's true that Dolph Ziggler passed an ImPACT Concussion Test last Monday, there's new doubt surrounding his medical clearance. We're told Ziggler's concussion was worse than expected and there is a possibility he does not work the pay-per-view on Sunday. This was evident on weekend WWE live events as he told crowds he was not cleared despite stating the contrary on Smackdown.

- Many are speculating that CM Punk returns to WWE either on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw or at the pay-per-view itself although multiple sources say any deal for him to actually work the show in Chicago will be of "last minute nature." We're told Punk's primary focus right now is cheering on the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals. However, the belief backstage is there's no way Punk doesn't work on Sunday given an already thin roster and an ultra thin pay-per-view card.

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    Still ImPACT, not iMPACT.

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      Still completely inconsequential.

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        It’s a brand name vs. another brand name. And when you are reporting news, getting names correctly (even if it’s as minor as what letter in a brand name is lower-case) is a part of your job.

        In all of Richard’s “Ask WNW” posts, he specifically tells people that appropriate grammar and spelling are important when asking a question and expecting an answer. If he expects that of his readers, it is fair that his readers should expect that from him.

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          Why must you make me agree with you? LOLOLOL!

          • Fixed, but as I’ve said time and time again, if you notice a typo email me. I respond instantly. If you post it here, there is a 50/50 chance I see it. As for the note in Ask WNW, that note is because a large portion of questions look like this:

            wut wrastler winnig at pvb snday

            Not simple typos

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            Lmfao I can picture the emails you get…..
            Y don’t WWE trn Cena hel…

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            Whre iz christan

          • ^^^ Very common

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            Wil WWE by tna?

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            Haha – that must be awesome getting those.

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            Because I take passion out of my arguments and only use logic.

            I hate internet arguments, because people use their heart to argue and defend their point and that always leads to hurt feelings or misunderstandings.

            All I care to do online is express my point. If people agree, awesome. If they don’t, it does no good to further try to convince them, because they aren’t going to agree with me no matter how correct I feel I am.

  • Harlie Boucher

    I think it would be more exciting and for them to get more buys if Punk doesn’t show his face until the actual PPV.

    • amaanakter


  • Xavier

    Looks like its time too strip Ziggler of the title, it’s been way past the 30 days.

  • Justin Lal

    Punk’s primary focus is cheering on the Blackhawks? I thought Punk was about the business 24/7? Go Bruins! Boston Strong!