Pee-wee Herman Coming To Wrestlemania

Former WWE Raw guest host star Pee-wee Herman wrote on Twitter he'll be at Wrestlemania 29 on Sunday. The following is from his verified account:


  • I hope this isn’t a joke!

  • Kleck

    So let me get this straight. Stone Cold Dream Match = No; Pee Wee Herman= Yes

  • Xavier

    Lol Richard, why do you post things like this. You already know that when people see this that they’re gonna get all PMSee & crampey and just start complaining. And the last thing that the majority of the people need is another reason to complain.

    • Dangerous Lee

      Oh and look what you’re doing….you’re COMPLAINING.

      • Xavier

        Not complaining at all, just making a simple prediction on the reaction of this post. You know as well as I know whats too come of this

  • Richard Urbanowski

    to me it don’t matter what they do at WM i do not watch WWE The Land Of MORONS. Why do they insist on putting over the Shield every week?

  • Corey Mac

    Wow, really? Pee-Wee at Mania?