Perez Hilton Tweets Before & After WWE Raw Supershow Experience

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- Perez Hilton wrote the following on Twitter prior to acting as the guest ring announcer for Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox vs. The Bella Twins:

He wrote the following after the appearance:

Richard Reacts: Perez got some heat when he was intended to be the babyface (paired with Kelly and Alicia) but he did a great job. It's not as easy as it looks and I can't imagine how nerve-racking.

  • kevin

    Kill me now

  • He got heat because he is an asshole. His fault.

  • gim gina

    I was praying that he would break his neck,,,

  • Mike

    God I hate that guy. That whole segment was a snore fest.

  • Anus

    Didn't see any of it. Go DVR GO!!! I was hoping Kane would come out and chokeslam him/her.

  • Logan_Walker

    haha anyone hear his voice ?
    omg as a uk Resident ive never heard of him before so he has a funny voice