Perry Saturn Backstage At Raw Supershow; JBL Comments On The Hall Of Fame Induction Of Ron Simmons, Who Will Be Inducting Him

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- Perry Saturn was backstage at last night's WWE Raw Supershow from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

- John "Bradshaw" Layfield wrote the following on Twitter regarding the WWE Hall of Fame induction of his former tag team partner Ron Simmons:

On Facebook, JBL posted the following about who will be inducting Simmons:

As far as who is inducting Ron into the HOF-I would consider one of my greatest lifetime honors if I am chosen. However, it hasn't been announced-SO, if I knew who was I couldn't say. And, if I don't know I couldn't say either obviously. So, I wait on the announcement like everyone else. The main thing is not who is announcing or inducting Ron but that a great, great man is being put into the HOF-congrats to Ron, my best friend and former tag partner!!!

  • Dangerous Lee

    I’m being totally serious right now, but I thought perry saturn died years ago….

    • Ace

      Rumors of Perry Saturn's death must've been greatly exaggerated.

      • kbunyon

        He resurfaced a while ago – a year, two (?) – in a horrible photo on Facebook. He was chubby, looked really old and it was barely possible to recognize him as Saturn.

        I have to say I'm glad he's doing well enough to stop in at RAW and see some old friends (?) and former co-workers.


      • Guy Landau

        I wanted to write that, so Kudos.

  • Brian

    Wasn't it not too long ago people were wondering if Perry Saturn was still alive? Well I guess he had to proved the nay sayers wrong huh?

  • Wwe4L76

    Parry to return!!! Yeah!!!

  • Ralphus

    I heard he is now fat and out of shape so a return isn't happening!

    • EricDraven86

      He is out of shape and retired because he was almost killed in '03 while stopping a rape…

  • Wwe4L76

    This means big daddy v returns?

  • George

    Perry Saturn is a true hero. I'm glad he's doing well

  • British bulldog forever

    A former employer turns up and you always get the “he’s returning, he’s returning” mob writing their crap!!!

    Maybe, just maybe, he’s stopped by to see old friends!! Nothing more!!

  • stoney

    John Bradshaw Layfield should induct Ron Simmons into the Hall of fame

  • JBL should absolutely induct Ron into the HoF. There are no second thoughts about it. They have more history with each other than anyone else. WWE's terms with JBL are also good as he keeps coming back for sporadic appearances. And bring back JBL on commentary! Michael Cole sucks and King is not much good either without JR.

    • Adamtrace

      Agreed, bring back jbl in place of booker t…