Photo: 6-Sided Ring Returns To TNA Wrestling

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Amid some controversy, the 6-sided ring is back in TNA Wrestling. Dixie Carter Tweeted the following photo from Wednesday's Impact tapings from The Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center in New York City:

TNA officially announced that fans voted for the ring's return despite criticism from talent.

  • jdl

    Who wants a first look at the extra bruises workers will accumulate from the stiffer ropes, or the lower quality matches we’ll see as workers who have never worked in a six rided ring struggle to adapt, or how absolutely useless this actually is in making the wrestling different. The six sided ring is a gimmick that provides nothing to the experience.

  • david

    Six sides or for sides doesn’t really matter if the product in the ring is some garbage.

    • John

      The biggest problem with TNA over the past year or so has been the booking. But to say the product in the ring is garbage is pretty ridiculous! They have an extremely talented roster who, when giving the opportunity, like at Slammiversary, they can put on an excellent show. Sometimes the booking hurts the product, but you can’t criticise the talent on the roster.

  • Alex

    While I think it was a mistake to get rid of the ring it’s an even bigger mistake to bring it back. Yes I understand the hazards to the six sided ring but at least when TNA first started the wrestlers knew they were signing up to work in a different type of ring and they were able to adapt. Now you have wrestlers that have never wrestled in it and were probably expecting to never have to wrestle in that style of ring. I hope the transition is smooth for them but it’ll be tougher for the wrestlers to preform safely and at such a high level of quality.

  • Vic Jose

    I hope all the displeased talent quits or doesn’t resign .

  • BlazeKing

    From what I saw, they said it was only going to be for 3 tapings.