Photo Of Ambrose & Renee Young, Dolph Ziggler Gets Lucky, WWE Product Placement

- Here's a photo of Dean Ambrose and Renee Young arriving at Raw:

- WWE posted the following photo of Summer Rae and Layla backstage with Dolph Ziggler after their alliance on this week's Monday Night Raw:

- For those that missed it on Raw, Sonic had a product-placement advertisement in a segment with Damien Sandow and Adam Rose. This is something WWE has done more of lately with Diet Mountain Dew and Twisted Tea.

  • Roger

    Man Dolph Ziggler is such a lucky guy to be working with them. He is either World Heavyweifht a champion or working with some fine ladies.

    • Roger

      Heavyweight Champion*
      Damn atuo correct.

      • Adam

        haha autocorrect wouldnt do that

      • Chris

        Soooo, your autocorrect spelled the word completely wrong? That would mean YOU always spell it that way, good job.

  • Justin Simpson

    The segments last night were great!

  • Splat

    Well, played Dean.

    • Mysterion

      That’s literally the most pointless and incorrect use of a comma ever.

  • Zack

    The heavy product placement and pushing of the WWE Network was getting on my nerves last night. It is most of what I remember about last night’s Raw.

    • Mysterion

      You remember it then it did it’s job…

      • Some might say that any media is good media, but I have to disagree. Okay, so yes, I still want to go to Sonic, but only because I know it’s a four hour drive, and I can’t have it. On the other hand, I’m so turned off by the whole Twisted Tea thing that I won’t be going there because of how it’s been pushed on the show.

        I’ve seen the same thing happening on Days Of Our Lives (what’s good for a soap opera is good for a soap opera of sweaty and mostly naked men?), and it was a turn off there as well. I think there’s ways to do it to make it work, but right now it’s just not working.

        • Mysterion

          Oh I agree. I mean I, for one , don’t even live in America so I literally have no idea what Twisted Tea or Sonic is. We don’t have either in England. And it is stupidly OTT. Another example, I know for a fact pisses off all non-US viewers, is how much the Network is pushed. It has started to feel like WWE is going “look what you in the rest of the world literally can’t have at all” every time they smash it home.

  • eskymi

    Boy Layla has a great a$$, of course Dolph looks pretty good too…

  • Michael

    Damn you Ambrose. Lucky SOB

  • BiggSimonMOB

    WTF……Dean Ambrose C’mon man……..Is this a joke? A late April Fools?

  • Lebron James

    Not only does Ambrose have the hottest women on WWE TV with him, but he arrives to the arena in his ring gear. What a pro.