Photo Of Daniel Bryan's New Look As Member Of The Wyatt Family

Wrestling News World reader Ryan Williams attended Saturday night's WWE live event in Hampton, Virginia and sent in a photo of Daniel Bryan following his new alliance with The Wyatt Family. You can view a photo of a new look Daniel Bryan with Bray Wyatt below:

  • dev

    why is there a logo in exactly middle of the pic :/ it just ruins it

    • James M>>>

      First, the logo is there for obvious reasons, second, it’s not exactly in the middle, and finally, are you really whining that the pic is ruined because it covers his right elbow and hip?

      • dev

        logo could have been on top right or somewhere else. you wouldnt like if someone takes a photo of you and puts their initials on exactly on you.. transparent watermark would have done a cleaner job. and stop whining yourself.

  • Lebron James

    Horrible. He should shave his head like “World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan” and just keep the beard. He looked pretty intimidating and tough back then.

  • Xavier

    Still think it was a bad idea in the long run to have him join the Wyatts

    • Padres4life

      they dont care about the fans, thats why Cena will be inserted in this angle. there is no machine, there will be no taking down the authority, all nonsense…this is to get Bray Wyatt and Cena over.

  • Guest

    Really disappointed with the direction WWE went with Daniel, this could have been a great feud but now its turned into a complete mess much like the one Daniel had with Randy. What was WWE thinking? They had to have known fans would not be happy

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    Like most of the WWE Universe, I am not pleased that DB joined the Wyatt family; however, I am willing to forego a formal opinion until a few weeks’ time has passed. Once I better understand where this angle may be going, I will then be better able to form a more educated opinion. I am hoping this will turn out to be a ruse on Daniel’s part, that perhaps he decided the only way he could defeat them was to join them and destroy them from the inside out.