Photo Of John Cena Joining The Shield After Smackdown In Boston

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After cameras stopped filming at this week's WWE Smackdown taping in Boston, the dark match main event was setup. What started as Bray Wyatt challenging John Cena and developed into Kane making it a 3-on-1 handicap match (Cena vs. The Wyatt Family), turned into an 8-man tag match setup by Vickie Guerrero.

The bout was Cena and The Shield vs. Kane and The Wyatt Family. The babyfaces went over when Roman Reigns pinned Luke Harper. Cena cut a promo and put his fist in with The Shield as a sign of solidarity to end the taping and send the crowd home happy.

Below is a photo:

  • King A sshole


  • Mike

    Does this now mean that The Shield is going to have their push stopped/slowed as a result of this affiliation with ‘Super’ Cena? I for one certainly hope not as along with The Wyatt Family they are the best act in WWE for a long time!

    • Ronnie

      You kidding me right? This was done just to send the fans home happy, hence why it was a dark match.

  • Tom Lee

    Great ! So great !

  • Lebron James

    This would be a perfect opportunity to keep Cena a face, change his character a little, and make him join a badass faction. Wishful thinking, but I hope it happens.