Photo - John Cena On The Set Of "The Nest"

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WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is filming a part in the movie "The Nest." You can view a photo of him on the set embedded below:

  • Michael

    Bad Ass Cena. I like

  • jdl

    Were it not for the ridiculous etch a sketch tattoos, he’d almost look threatening.

    • Darrell

      Lol @ almost threatening. I bet standing next too him you’d look like Mini Me.

      • jdl

        Of course, I’m an average sized individual, however there’s a difference between being built like a brick house and looking threatening. Could Cena break me in half? Sure, he could probably do it with one pinky finger, however that doesn’t give him a threatening appearance or demeanor.

        Plus, you can’t really deny that the tattoos and wife beater are ridiculous on him.

  • JLP

    In before the Mysterion criticising Richard for using his own Twitter comment.

    • Mysterion

      Haha! I won’t lie, I’m ordinarily drunk when I get leery about this, but it’s just the self promotion I’m not a huge fan of on news sites. If that makes sense?

  • Smark Twain

    Maybe once they do some color correcting and stuff like that in post production Cena won’t look like such a joke. I think what he needed was some facial hair.