Photo Of A Recovering Jerry Lawler

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WMC TV, who provided an update on Jerry Lawler that Brooks recapped here, posted a photo of "The King" as he begins his journey towards recovery. You can view it below:


  • Topherrulez

    Holy shit King! Your amazing, kids 30 years younger than you, world champions, and now heart failure. Nothing stops the king!

    • m.ali29

      Long Live The King

  • Kovy77

    Its good to see “The King” with a smile on face, the news keeps getting better and I hope it gets better every day.

  • Dave Barton

    Aside from the wires & oxygen, he looks like nothing ever happened to him. Very happy for King & his family.

  • whitethought_

    Wow the King looks really good, he's fighting hard and it looks like hes just about won this battle. Keeping him in my prayers for a speedy recovery and quick return to his throne at the announce table!

  • Michael

    Its good to be KING……..sometimes.

  • Joey

    He should always slick his haie back from now on! Great to see him healthy and with a smile on his face!

  • Ellen

    King you are amazing! Continued good wishes on your road to recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you on your journey.

  • havoc525

    He has a tout posted on WWE’s site. He’s very
    quiet, but sounds like the guy we’ve all heard for so.many years.

  • The strap is off!

  • Kleck

    Long live The King

  • kbunyon

    While I know it's hard to wear anything when you have so many tubes and monitors attached to your body, but I have to say King looks might naked there. Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing. Any sick person with a smile like that is absolutely on the mend. Seeing King like this does my heart good.


    • nefty131

      I believe ur right KB. He’s stark naked on a porta toilet there…

  • fanking

    Very happy for the King, but I'm mad he looks to be in better shape than I am at 30. Good for him

  • jrkeller15

    That’s the smile of a man that knows he beat “the widowmaker.”

  • Evon Reese

    That's amazing. Long live The King

  • Joe

    glad to see king is better. Hell be back on his throne soon

  • Tom lee

    Still the king !