Photo Of Alberto Del Rio's Back, Rey Mysterio's Knee Examined

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Alberto Del Rio's Back Attacked

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio posted the following photo of his back after the crutch attack by Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger on this week's WWE Raw.

Rey Mysterio's Knee Examined

Rey Mysterio's knee was examined by WWE's doctors backstage at this week's Raw from the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. He Tweeted that physical therapy is going good.

  • ohh damn shit…..

  • Dustyn


  • Win

    This segment looked very 1800’s. Like a slave being whipped by his master 1800’s. This storyline has been filled with a strong under current of racial tension. Del Rios trunks displaying his Mexican Heritage, Swaggers new shirt displaying a chains around America. They’ve pretty much have said everything racial without actually saying anything directly. Last night, 2 white men, whipping a Mexican-American, in the capital pretty much is as tasteless, as some of you have viewed CM Punks promos with Taker. Just checked the lashes on Del Rio’s back for evidence.

  • ed allwood

    nothing a coating of guacamole cant fix…

    • Matt

      You racist piece of shit.