Photo Of DeAngelo Williams & The Miz Backstage At Raw; US Marine Corps Protesting WWE

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- Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams, who is reportedly on the trading block, was backstage at this week's WWE Raw in Charlotte, North Carolina. Williams posted the above photo on Facebook with The Miz.

- The US Marine Corps is opposing WWE's trademark to "Marine: Homefront." They have until December 12th to file or request another 90-day extension that was granted last month. You can follow along with the protest on this trademark as well as look up all kinds of information at this link.

  • DJ

    Hasn’t there been thousands of “war” movies? Why is the Marine Corp gettin mad at WWE?


    • mathew30

      its not about the moie as such, its more to do with the fact wwe are trying to TRADEMARK the name

  • Tone

    Deangelo suuuucks this year…. fact!