Photo Of Ric Flair's Daughter Ring Announcing

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A photo of Ric Flair's daughter, Ashley Fliehr, doing ring announcing at a NXT Wrestling live event has surfaced online. You can view it embedded in a Tweet below:


NXT Wrestling of course is the new name of WWE's developmental territory.

  • Mike L

    Giggity, Giggity… Giggity Goo.

  • Dave Barton

    Did she turn around & do a face flop after making the announcements?

  • jdl

    I'm going to assume that's a bad picture, as otherwise… she looks about 45 and I was under the impression she was in her mid 20s.

    • You’d hit that in a second.

    • christopher525

      Not a very flattering photo at all.

    • Matthew

      Yeah shes younger, but in that pic she look close to her fiftys!

    • Norman

      Yeah, she look's like she's had a rough life.

  • Satan

    Grow up, Jdl!

  • Matt

    Yeah that picture makes her look 50ish with really bad skin. I don't recall her looking like that

  • branchtana

    The skin on her arms looks like it came off of her dads forehead.

  • Doug

    Hate to say it, she looks tanorexic.

  • John

    Am I the only one thinking a female version of the Horsemen?

  • Bruce

    Female Horsemen: The Night "Mares". Get it? Get it? Yeah, that was bad.

  • Ole

    What did she say on the mic anyway? "To be the woman, you got to beat the woman?"…Yikes, that probably didn't work so well….Um, woooooo???

  • Loki P

    I thought all the negativity was over exagerated, but … just looked @ pic and not flattering @ all 🙁 she looks old enough to be his wife