Photo Of The Rock, Michael Bay & Kurt Angle On The Set Of "Pain And Gain"

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- TNA posted the following photo of The Rock, Michael Bay and Kurt Angle on the set of "Pain and Gain" from this weekend on their Facebook page:

Photo Credit: TNA Facebook

  • British bulldog

    Rock looks proper hench, Kurt not so much lol

  • AnacondaVise

    I'm a fan of two of these people…

  • Dave

    What the hell happened to Kurt?

  • Angel

    The only time rock will be associated with anything tna

  • John rega

    Is it just me or has Kurt looked un-healthy lately?

  • Don

    Rock on roids guarantee. He couldn't get near that in his prime years, but now that he is old he can? Don't think so.

    • Ace

      I'm thinking that while he was with the WWE it was hard with all the traveling. You can hear every wrestler talk about how hectic the traveling is, and how hard it is to eat healthy and workout. While the Rock is in hollywood he has alot of time to get in shape and maintain it.

    • Paul

      He gets more time to work out now he’s not on the road all the time, and he was never trying to be the biggest man in wwe he just wanted to be the most entertaining.

  • Wwe4L76

    Kurt Angle is a small, cute dwarf 😛

  • Jay Riverz

    Rock: “Hey, Michael, Kurt,lets take a photo! Maybe camera man can take a shot of my roided biceps!!

    Micahel Bay: Yeah sure!

    Kurt: uuhh huhuh huh huhhuha…