Photo Of The Rock's Wrist With Notes Written on It From Last Night's Raw Supershow

Arda Ocal sent in the following photo of The Rock's wrist from the final segment of last night's WWE Raw Supershow.  Visit his original post at this link so he doesn't get mad at me for embedding the photo:

  • sami

    can anyone make out what it says?! and to be fair… who says he didnt just write something down backstage of what someone told him seconds before he went on? You know what Vince is like with last minute changes… maybe he made a change as he was about to come on? The rock is the best in the ring at promos, he entertains… this is stupid to crtisize a guy for writing on his hand when it may not even be the script!

    • Terry

      Kpc-kpb = kung pow chicken to kung pow [email protected] .

      I cant belive people think its all gravy to have these guys that haven’t cut a live promo in a year to go out and talk for twenty minutes at a time by themselves . We saw HHH and Nash fumble with Punk , the crowd turned against Undertaker last week and now the great one needs a prompter .

      They should go away and stay away .

  • Rabin car

    Why not have que cards?

  • Brick

    Was this all done on purpose? kind of weird.

  • sujay

    well this is a fake photo…. i just checked the promo once again very closely…. there is nothing on the rock's wrist..

    • JFetch

      Wrong. I looked at it on my dvr and it's there.

    • Jg

      It’s really buddy. Sorry rocky fans but the rock looks like the crock!!!

      • AntiDolt

        Lmao. Yeah, and a crock is still better than Cena. Funny all Cena fans whine the Rock was gone so long and then expect him to cut a promo like he never did leave.

        • Jg

          Maybe if he didn’t try so hard.. He would b liked but rockys promo on Monday night was horrendous

  • Rock juss didnt have that good of a promo. Cena pretty much called him out and he didn’t have much to say back. Cena has my vote so far

    • John

      Cena definitely delivered a better promo last week than Rock did this week, however i'm not buying the thought that The Rock got caught out by what Cena said during the promo on RAW. I mean does anyone really think The Rock wouldn't have known beforehand that Cena would come out & say what he did?

      They aren't going to send Cena out to the ring without Rock knowing about it.

      • Guy Landau

        I don't think he expected Cena to acknowledge his wrist-writing, or to even know about it. That, I believe, caught him off guard.

  • Vince

    He the Rock does what he wants

  • Luke

    Just watched to promo
    Took a screenshot af it and there is NO WORDS on his wrist
    Someone had fun with Photoshop

    • Tyler T

      Yeah hate to break it to you bud. But take a close look on his left wrist during the promo. It’d there

  • Kash

    That was WAY too obvious, it seems like just another desperate try from the WWE to put over their top babyface…..

    • Bruno

      Stop trying to take sides. The rock used notes and cena won. I am a rock fan but I have to admit to the truth

  • Ant

    Like the person above said it could be a fake picture but WWE could also have edited it out.

    Even if it is legit though what is the big deal? The announcers have lines fed to them. Marlin Brando wrote lines on his wrist. You watch the news they all read lines off a teleprompter. Some musicians have a teleprompter or notes on the set list. You watch a late show like David Letterman or Jimmy Kimmel they use que cards. You watch a chat show like Jerry Springer they have lines fed to them on que cards so whats the big deal? Its not like he is the only person in the world who took notes out with him.

  • christopher525

    It's a real picture, but it was done on purpose. Seriously people, if there's one guy who can (and always has) thought on his feet about his promos, it's The Rock. He did this as part of the story, to give Cena something to pick on him about. You people are falling right into it, just like with Jericho's first week back. Fall for another one, why don't you?

    • Coopapalooza

      Exactly. It’s all a work.

  • Hardy

    The rock is the rock, I agree with the last minute changes personally.

  • Rob

    Don't you guys think this was a bit too obvious? Do you think VKM actually just wanted to make it obvious to turn even the snarkiest smarkiest marks out there? Everyone is talking. I'm just saying maybe it was supposed to be super obvious to reach every member of the WWE audience. "Booo Rock uses notes!!" Vince -"Yeeeees (rubs hands) yeeeeeeees cheeeeeeeeeeeeeer cena………"

  • thatguy

    eh played out like a work. Which it prob is. Rock is the best talker in the business. id HIGHLY doubt he would need notes. Prob had that happen so cena can use it and make the rock seem like he was caught off guard. You know to give cena the 1up for a change.

    • leigh

      ^ What he said, and I’ve been hearing for YEARS guys like the rock Austi and HBK think on their feet when it comes to promos and CENA was the one who had his stuff scripted…like someone said it was just a ploy (probably by vince) to have cena 1 up the rock and get the crowd behind him but I think this backfired anyway, cause cena was booed after he left and the rock STILL had the crowd cheering from him…

  • Hashtag Daley

    Rock is is an actor now, ie he needs a script.

    Cena is a wrestler, and speaks from his heart.

    • AntiDolt

      Well, check you ass for Cena’s nose if ya really believe that.

    • AntiDolt


    • FeR

      Lol, if you think Cena is a wrestler, then we have serious problems with the people that watch WWE now. The problem with Cena is that we dont hate the guy, we hate 'SuperCena', always winning. Cena is boring in the ring, The Rock wasn't the best wrestler in the world but at least his matches were more entertraining than Cena's, he gave great shows and our generation love him for that.

  • William

    For you people who actually believe this picture, your crazy! The Rock/Dwayne Johnson is a freakin Actor for monkey's sake! Its his job to remember lines and go out and deliver them!

    • Chris

      Just go back and watch

  • jfb336

    I just watched the video here. There’s nothing on his wrists.

    • Allen

      Go back and watch it again. At the 59s-1m mark when he's gesturing to the crowd you can see the writing on his forearm. You can't necessarily discern what it says but you can see that it's there. Also watching in a higher pixel depth helps considering you're using a very finite space to view something much larger.

  • Wwe4L76

    The rock = rust

  • Dinosaur

    Cena called him out on it… How is it even being discussed as not a work!?!

  • Dildo

    Lmao this is REDICULOUS, the rock is the best entertainer in the world and he has been doing this for years, his promos are the best in the wwe lol cena is not smart enough to come up with shit on the spot like the rock does this only happened so that cena cud make the Rock look stupid for a change rather then the rock making cena look stupid, I say this all the time to people who like cena, grow up jabroni’s the rock= the best no matter what happens at WRESTLEMANIA 28 baby wooooooo!!

  • Kegapult

    the other line on wrist says "fight 4 them" – it doesnt matter to be if he wrote his "points" he wanted to hit on or if it is all a work. I watch for the entertainment of it and I was entertained. Everyone is assuming since he had words on his wrist that someone else wrote his promo for him. The way he feeds off the crowd and interacts with them I would nt be surprised if he did that just to keep himself rooted on where HE wanted to take promo

  • Matty C

    Heres a thought its part of the story line……

  • Joe

    Who cares whether having notes written on his wrist were a shoot or a work. It was a great promo from both guys that got all of us talking. If Rock did indeed needed the notes, why burn him for it? C.M. Punk had notes written on his wrist when he had that amazing promo back in the summer and he is one of the best on the mic.

  • Tony

    Check Rocks Twitter account not too long ago he was talking about kayfabe and blurring the lines it’s storyline that’s it. Cena’s been eatin alive by his promos they needed to pick this up and now they have.

  • Da KiDD

    This was a work. He wrote the lines on purpose for Cena to have something to call him out on. The guy's profession is an actor. Memorizing lines is what he does for a living. You think he's gonna forget a few lines from a 20 minute promo, but remember lines in a 2 hour movie? Ha!


    It was all a work and thats it people. Its obvious the Rock had to give Cena something to work off of.

  • TheGameDR

    I just watched the video again…at 1:26:30 you can see clearly some letters in this left arm…I don't think any less of him…but I do think Cena's promo from last week was a lot better…i

  • Mav


  • Donovan

    When it comes down to it, the rock is already use to using an aid cuz his memory isn’t as good as it once was. He’s already been accused of using a teleprompter during his promo when he was “live via sattelite” (I think prerecorded is more like it”, and this could have been something he did on the fly for himself. Also possible promos from Twitter and getting a good amount of people tweeting/trending words that are being said. Not very wise, camera guys.

  • PirateKing

    Could Rocky maybe have gotten a new tattoo that looks like notes but is really just another Hawaiian tattoo?