Photos: Daniel Bryan Appears At WWE TV Taping In His Ring Gear

Daniel Bryan was at Tuesday's WWE Main Event/Smackdown tapings and cut a promo in-between shows. He had his #YesMovement t-shirt and ring gear on and reassured fans he will be back, putting New Jersey over as one of the reasons why he's been successful in the wrestling business.

Below is a photo:

We have complete results from this week's episode of WWE Main Event at this link and Smackdown taping results at this link.

  • LeBron James

    The WWE is doing everything in their power to protect Bryan to make sure he stays over by constantly mentioning him on TV and having him appear in preshows and postshows. Never have I seen Vince coddle a wrestler before and hold his hand the way he does with Bryan. I like Daniel and everything but geez. I guess Vince knows that Bryan will fed into irrelevance if fans aren’t constantly reminded by him every 5 seconds while he’s out injured

    • LeBron James


      • TheD33j

        I think it would be the exact opposite. He’s proven that he can come back into a main event role when he can return, and that’s all it would take to get him over again. Sometimes, especially during the 3 hr, weekly RAW era, time away can help reinvigorate a wrestlers career. His light was beginning to fade with the recent story lines and the emergence of each of the Shield members, so I think this is a great opportunity to give fans a break only to come back full force when he’s healed and ready!