Photos Of The New WWE Title Belt Unveiled By The Rock

WWE unveiled a new WWE Championship title belt on this week's episode of Raw. The Rock revealed the new title in the closing segment of the show. John Cena came out but was taken out by CM Punk with the old "spinner" belt that Rock had told a staffer to take to the back.

Below are images of the new belt:

WWE has used the "spinner" belt design since April 11, 2005.

Richard Reacts: So when is John Cena turning heel?  I said there were two things I would have to see to believe and a new WWE title belt was one of those things.  WWE has talked for years about replacing the "spinner" belt design but Vince McMahon has always pushed back due to how well replicas sold.  I'm still too surprised to even give my thoughts but a change was long overdo.

  • Lewis Reale

    You can believe it now Richard

  • The new belt is dreadful! Looks like an second rate indy belt.

    • Also, will the cows be on it once Rocky drops the belt?

      • I truly do hate it!

        • Nostaljack

          You must. You’ve referenced it three times.

  • Joe

    Gay title

    • Boogie

      I bet somebody will politically correct you

    • JL

      What a troll, that belt is better than the spinner. Its probably the best title yet.

      • No it’s not, it’s ugly and looks like a cheap tinfoil toy.

        • theoneofall

          you shit head it looks good better then the old one and fix you English.

      • JL

        Hey dumbass, quit using my name too post your dumb bullshit. I know it’s you “Just Saying”

        • Just Saying

          LmFaO!! It’s not me douche!.. I would have misspelled half the post!! But thanks for always thinking of me. ;o)
          Good Day

    • theoneofall

      the new title looks way better

  • Benjamin

    Looks like a giant Hall of Fame ring

    • Nostaljack

      Likely, that was the idea.

  • Chris

    This is actually more ugly than the spinner…

  • dustinferrare

    Finnally… the WWE has gottn rid of the spinner belt!

  • Dangerous Lee

    This belt looks 1% better than the spinner belt….1%.

  • Punker

    well that thing looks like crap but at least they finally got rid of the spinner. As for the heel turn, as soon as Cena’s music hit I was hoping they were gonna do it right then and there. Hopefully it’ll happen

  • It looks like an “unofficial personalized” Championship belt made to go on an action figure being sold by someone on ebay for $10.

  • vick

    The belt looks horrible I’m disappointed

  • Jimmy

    Everyone was asking for a new belt but this is not what we meant. Even the IC title looks better than that.

  • JL

    No big deal, the belt is just a prop.

  • David F.

    Cant they go back to classic WWE title belt of the 90s?

  • Well, it doesn’t spin, but it still looks like a toy.

  • Snap

    I may be in the minority, but the spinner belt was WAY uglier. At the very least, this one says “CHAMPION” and not “CHAMP.” However, I still don’t think there was ever anything wrong with the “Undisputed” belt, which was the last one The Rock had before dropping it to Lesnar. I don’t see why they couldn’t have just reverted to that one.

    • That is because you are blind.

      • Snap

        Thank-you very much, troll. You may proceed to shove your head up your ass somewhere else now.

        • Wiltshireuk

          The undisputed belt had to go because it was disputed when the world title belt was brought back. That being said it was a much nicer belt.

          • Robert

            Actually, they used the undisputed belt until John Cena debuted the spinner belt.

          • Chris

            Yea, It just became known as the WWE Championship, while Raw had the World Heavyweight Championship

    • Chris

      I’m with you. The Undisputed/WWE title belt Eddie Guerrero and JBL carried before the spinner came in was by far my favourite

  • BigMattZ

    Really think that the belt should represent the company and not an individual. Bring back the Winged Eagle!!

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    Punk should have been the one to get to change the title belt.

    And this title belt is terrible.

    • Bishop


      • Wiltshireuk

        Punk should be allowed to keep that old belt

  • Jr88

    it’s like a duplicate from the Million Dollar Belt….. the 90’s Winged Belt will always be the best design belt they had!

  • Ugly as hell, the old was much better and more expensive looking.

  • yragcom1

    I like the new belt, but I agree that the Winged 90’s belt was the best one of all. I hate the spinner belt.

  • AshDman3:16

    give this belt time, i think it will grow on everyone, but would love to see the winged eagle come back

  • Terra Ryzing

    Its shaped similar to the US title

  • For those upset about the fact that it’s “personalized” for The Rock (a.k.a. The Brahma Bulls on the side), check out the default version of the title looks like. Seems as the sides will change to this after Rock drops the title:,default,pd.html

  • Andrew McCluskey

    The more I like it, the more I see it. And thank goodness it says “Champion” over “Champ”! 🙂

  • Gary Robert

    I found this interesting in the timing of it. I figure its a foregone conclusion that Cena wins at Mania but now I’m not so sure. Does it make sense to finally switch from the spinner belt when the title would be going onto the guy who introduced it?

    • Gary Robert

      or is it just a month long product for them to simply make more money on and then it goes to the default shown in the WWE store?

  • Gary Robert

    Richard, as for the sales being the reason it was never changed…I don’t see why that matters. They can still sell the replica in the WWE shop. Its popular with the kids and will probably remain so just b/c of the spinning aspect, not b/c its actually worn by the champion in-ring.

  • Michael

    I think this belt doesn’t look better then the spinner belt. I’d prefer if they either went back to the eagle belt, or the undisputed belt that Cena dumped for the spinner. I’m not a fan of the huge Wwe logo in the middle and the square shape doesn’t fit Heavyweight title it should be round. Plus if I’m Punk I’d really be pissed because that’s the same title he took a picture with when he was talking about debuting a new title. I’m not a huge Punk fan but damn that’s cold.

    • Kerri

      I remember Punk did a Q&A at a comic con or something at one point last year and was asked about a new belt and his response was along the lines of there was a newer title (being made or already made) and said that it looked uglier than the spinner belt. I could be wrong though, but pretty sure Punk said something like that about the newer belt.

      • Michael

        I just really don’t know what’s up with whoever designs the new belts lately. You have the ugly penny looking tag titles and now the wwe title. It’s like they are blind. The ic title is awesome because it’s a newer version of the 80 to 90 version, they should’ve done that with both the tag and wwe titles. I pray to God they never change the world title leave that as is please.

  • I prefer the spinner belt over this one in my opinion. Yes we needed a change, but something better than that at least. Bring back the Attitude era belt

  • Louis

    You know, I really feel like they are doing this just to piss us off.

  • BigRy77

    I didn’t scroll through every comment to see if someone said this but I really doubt they are going to keep this belt longer than Rock’s reign. The Smokin Skull belt was part of a storyline for Austin’s reign back in the 90’s then they went back to a belt with an eagle. My guess is this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the spinner belt

    • BigRy77

      My first thought was it reminded me slightly of the old Light Heavyweight Title that was boxy in shape

  • Wayne

    looks like a hood ornament

  • Lewis

    there’s no place for the champion’s name which is the main problem I have with it

  • Looks great. Not the best design ever, but better than the spinner.

  • It looks like a combination of wood, pine cones, metal shavings, ass hairs and steel wool.

  • Sebastian Martinez

    Looks fine to me, my favorite belt is the one used before the Spinner Belt came in though. But would be cool if the side plates changed to show the Superstars logo depending on sho holds the title at the time.

    And could Heyman possibly pull a swerve on everyone and end up screwing Punk & aligning with John Cena in the heel turn we’ve all waited for? Just a thought.

  • Mark-Anthony

    They should have just got rid if the spinning part and some of the bling. This is hideous, doesnt compare to the World Heavyweight Championship belt. All of the previous title belts illustrated the history of the championship to some extent with the exception of a few gimmick one offs. This is too simple and cheap looking – the spinner was too much bling, but I’d rather that than this.

  • wrestlingfan4life

    My first reaction was that the new belt looks like a giant class ring. I’m not sure I like it.

  • theoneofall

    guys this new champion ship belt looks awsome
    I love it

  • theoneofall

    the wwe champion ship is better ten world title and its better then every other title