Physical WWE Hall Of Fame Part Of Domestic TV Negotiations - How It Involves TNA

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NBC Universal's exclusive negotiating period for WWE's domestic television rights ends on February 1, 2014 and the New York Post is reporting the company is considering a deal sweetener. According to the report, that sweetener is a physical Hall of Fame at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

The hot topic in WWE in addition to the launch of the forthcoming WWE Network is the company's upcoming historic domestic TV licensing agreement to remain on cable television. WWE is looking to more than double their current $140 million-a-year deal as investors criticize their programming is vastly undervalued. While Vince McMahon hopes to remain with NBCU, WWE has the right to accept or reject their offer by February 15, 2014. At that point other companies would be able to bid until February 28, 2014 and WWE must make a decision by March 4, 2014 for a potential move this fall.

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The interesting thing regarding a physical WWE Hall of Fame at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida is negotiations for such a venue are not new. The hangup on a deal getting done last year was the fact WWE wanted exclusive rights to the theme park, a move Universal was reluctant to grant unless WWE agreed to tape a show there.  They had a good relationship with TNA and didn't want to blackball them without a full commitment from WWE.

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The fact that TNA does not have any upcoming dates at Universal Studios to tape Impact is telling as Universal might be reluctant to book Impact TVs until NBCU is able to finish negotiations with WWE for a new domestic TV licensing agreement.

Click here for coverage by the New York Post.

  • Mike McCarthy

    Two interesting points here, if WWE were to get exclusive rights to Universal I think they’d definitely have to tape a show there. To me, this would mean that WWE would have to “blackball” Full Sail University. NXT is really the only show they have that they’d be ok with taping from one specific location (because they already do). I don’t think this is a big deal for WWE and Universal probably makes a better spot to tape it anyway. Second, if WWE were to get exclusive rights to Universal Studios then I think it’s safe to say it will be the end of TNA. With the WWE Network coming, maybe WWE is thinking of adding some more recent non-WWE content to their tape library.

    • David

      Not necessarily. I think the bigger picture here is WWE programming. The theme park was probably looking out for it’s best interest with taping a show there. The company is looking out for their best interest in retaining programming by offering the physical Hall of Fame as an additional part of an agreement so I wouldn’t think they would make it contingent on taping.

      • Mike McCarthy

        What I’m saying is that if WWE would need to tape a show there, it wouldn’t be that difficult for them to do so.

      • Mike McCarthy

        Also, not every person in the world doesn’t have to work on a Sunday.

    • DCee

      It really wouldn’t hurt Full Sail at all. Some Full Sail students intern at Universal, so this would help them build their credits up. WWE has always had a good relationship with NBCU and Full Sail. As far as TNA, this would be a crucial blow to their company. If NBCU and WWE make a deal, TNA would have to go either on the road and lose money, go overseas, or back Mid-South and find a permanent location (much like a territory back in the day). It all comes down to WWE putting the ink to NBCU’s papers.