Physical WWE Hall Of Fame, Undertaker At Royal Rumble?, Why We Oppose PIPA & SOPA, Financial Backing Of ROH & TNA

Do you think WWE will ever make a physical Hall of Fame building like there are in most major sports?

While not finalized, there have been rumblings about WWE building a physical Hall of Fame. I'm unsure of the proposed location and other details but it's a likely a project that will be undertaken in the future. Right now a lot of resources are being allocated to launch the WWE Network so I don't see it as something that is imminent; however, it is something that I believe WWE officials find of interest.

I read somewhere there were plans for The Undertaker to return at Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Is this true?

I haven't heard that and the return date for The Undertaker remains unknown. I can confirm he is in preliminary plans for Wrestlemania XXVIII with the talk of his opponent being Triple H. There's talk of using another WWE Legend in the match that I detail at this link.

In short can you explain to me what PIPA and SOPA are all about and why they pose a risk to this website?

The Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act are two pieces of legislation in the House and Senate respectively. The latest is that voting on the bills has been delayed until further evaluation can take place, however, I want to see both bills destroyed not delayed. They were created in order to stop online piracy but they go a step further and would allow the United States government to DNS block any website that linked to pirated content. What worries me is that WWE, who supports the bills, could claim that Wrestling News World infringed on their intellectual property (by covering shows, spoiling storylines, etc.) and lobby for a DNS block from the United States government. WWE, in essence, would be able to capture 100% of the Internet market by getting blocks to every publication they deemed existed on their intellectual property. While we are not currently in violation of any of these laws, both bills could change that. I feel the bills would have a dramatic effect on the Internet, shutting down many blogs, opinion-based websites, search engines, etc. Only the corporate giants would survive and there would be a tremendous bias in the information that would be available. I agree something should be done to stop online piracy but these bills are radical and were created by people that do not understand the Internet or how it functions.

I hear Ring of Honor and TNA Impact Wrestling are not well off financially. Do you think they could develop a working relationship that could compete with WWE?

This is 100% false as both Ring of Honor and TNA have significant financial backers in Sinclair Broadcasting and Panda Energy respectively. While neither promotion is even close to competing with WWE, they have multimillion dollar corporations funding them. Sinclair provides ROH with an opportunity they did not have when they were independently owned and what needs to happen now is continued growth and interest in the product. It's going to be very difficult if not impossible for a company to compete with McMahon, however, it's been done before.

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  • Frank

    Thanks for the succinct and forthright explanation of the PIPA and SOFA legislation…too many people have been commenting on it and making decisions about it with little grasp of its implications.

  • dev

    undertaker will return at rumble to start a rivalry against jericho or hhh for wrestlemania

    • H.M.

      Hey there Creative Team script writer. So what's the plan for Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania? And when will Jericho finally break his silence? O:

    • mathew30

      wouldnt make sense , not only are both taker and tip not in their prime, their bodies are broken and could only manage a few matches, the storyline would be rather weak above most thing s becuase it would mean both trip and taker would need to be on tv and house shows to follow through with the storylines, which taker certainly couldnt do, plus what exactly would they achieve in the end?

  • Andrew Ellis

    No I think Jericho vs cm punk is on for wrestlemania and who wants to see triple h vs undertaker again?not me now Brock Lesnar vs the Dead Man would rock!!

  • Hardy

    Would like to see lesnar vs undertaker at mania, I just don’t see lesnar being back in wwe by then.

  • H.M.

    Do NOT want to see HHH vs Taker III

    Seriously. You can hype that match all you want. It won't intrigue me. Not to hate on HHH but come on…how many of us will actually buy that he COULD have a chance of beating Undertaker?

    • Jeremy

      I agree, besides we already saw two matches of them at WrestleMania already, they did put up great matches but still it feels the same if it happen again. It'll be Triple H vs. Undertaker III if this happen again

  • Jaryd

    ROH has never tried to and quite honestly I don't think really wants to compete with WWE. They've found their niche in which they do very well and the financial backing makes sure everything stays afloat. TNA… well they're just in their own TNA stratusphere.

  • kevin

    I hope a WWE hall of fame has a building soon. It should be in the northeast were the WWWF was born. Also can’t wait for the network

  • Tim

    two chances like kane hbk and hhh are fine and cool and for the sole purpose of hey you got me but i know i can beat you this time but three times would kill the biggest draw at wrestlemania in being the undertaker match id actually like to see cm punk vs taker at wrestlemania even tho punk would lose but whatever happened to the end of the last fued i just wanna know whats going to happen to the kane/cena fued kane is giving cena a good fued even tho its all him doing the entertainment are they just gonna drop the fued in two more shows or keep it going for the lack of the rock appearances

  • An0n

    i dont want to see another trip taker match at wrestlmania…..i mean i respect them but, seen it already

  • @ease9310

    Great,I hope that the Undertaker will return at the Royal Rumble.And I hope he wins the 2012 Royal Rumble!Because he's one of the most talented,experienced wrestler's ever on WWE today!

  • Abe

    The guy who created SOPA has now come back with an even worse bill that required ISPs to save 6 months of your net history and local and federal authorities can look at it with no questions asked

  • Maz

    I think cm punk vs randy orton II wud be a great main event face vs face and for the title.
    I can’t see punk loosing to orton this yr.
    What u guys think?

  • @jblack424

    If hhh and taker meet again I might not even let it stay on my tv. Hhhvstaker 3 would be pointless. If hhh broke the streak does it mean anything if he is 1-2. I want to have a lil voice saying he could lose. Wade/miz/punk/sheamus/delrio/ziggler/jericho etc. Losing to taker makes legends way more than hurts a wrestler. Wm taker matches are match of year canditidates every year recently. I hope its wade barrett after laying out nexus members in process to get him.

  • Amsterdam

    "project that will be undertaken"

    I see what you did there

  • Kevin

    I live in Missouri. Is there any chance that ROH will get on a national network so I'll be able to watch it? As far as I can tell, it's only on in California.

  • PhilT81

    A gauntlet match with all of the surviving victims of the Taker streak!