Do Not Plan To Watch Elimination Chamber On Dish Network

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While Dish Network told me they were showing the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on Sunday, we've received contact from readers that have been told otherwise. A quick look on their official website shows no Elimination Chamber listing, despite listings for TNA Lockdown and upcoming UFC shows.

Given this information, I would consider the availability of Elimination Chamber on Dish Network doubtful. If you were planning to order through the provider, you may want to make other arrangements. The speculation here is obvious in that the provider isn't carrying WWE's pay-per-views due to the launch of the WWE Network. While they haven't come out and said that, their lead competitor, DirecTV, stated they would need to “quickly re-evaluate the economics and viability of their business” with WWE following the announcement of the WWE Network.

With that being said, DirecTV does in fact have plans to carry Elimination Chamber on Sunday.

  • Matt Kunka

    Hmmm….try making a statement about your distaste for WWE Network….or get EASY money and make your PAYING customers happy by providing everything for them??? Hmmm, lol. Dish Network has a history of making horrible decisions and this is just another one. I know it won’t break their banks but making their customers unhappy…not good going forward.

  • Evil

    I was hoping the WWE Network would have started with this PPV. I’d have signed up to watch this PPV, but I’m not paying my cable provider what $45 to see it.

  • WNW Fan

    I understand the dish and cable providers being upset but if they drop WWE programming they just cut off their own nose despite their face. They can still make money from those who don’t want to invest in the network. I know with the hardcore fans its a no brainer to do the network but for those who still just want a couple pay per views a year the providers can still make something.

    • Rich

      I just want to point out now that I’m not clarifying to poke fun or anything like that. Just making sure you know for future reference. The phrase is actually “cut off their nose to spite their face”. And yeah, it seems ridiculous that they aren’t going to be offering Elimination Chamber since people won’t even have the Network yet, so they would want to watch it. All they’re doing is going to piss off customers they already have.

  • Justin Simpson

    why anyone with subscribe to DISH Network in the first place is beyond me! The only thing they are good for is those hopper, hopper, hopper, SHUT UP!, hopper ads.

    • Kleck

      Evidently, the hopper service isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either.

  • davis

    I don’t understand why satellite companies would cut their ppvs. Many people with satellite may not be able to have high speed Internet access if they live in rural areas to stream the network so would still order. Doesnt make sense to me.