Plans For The 2013 Royal Rumble Sorted Out Over The Weekend; Exclusive Details Revealed Here

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We're unable to confirm if Ryback winning the Royal Rumble match is still the plan but we can confirm whatever the plan is, it was quietly sorted out over the weekend. Pat Patterson came in for the weekend and met several times with WWE officials to help lay out all the plans for the Rumble match. Vince McMahon was involved in some of the meetings but it was primarily Triple H and Patterson putting the match together.

Patterson was not needed at the TLC PPV itself, but chose to stick around for the show. Obviously Patterson, who has been the architect of the Rumble pretty much every year since its inception, is not going to be around forever. So there was a real concerted effort this year on the part of Triple H to learn as much from Patterson as possible in regards to putting a Rumble match together. When the day comes when Patterson is unwilling or unable to continue to put the match together each year, Triple H plans to take over that role himself.

An observer close to the situation says Patterson was very flattered that Hunter went out of his way to devote so much time to picking Patterson's brain and really trying to understand Patterson's thought process when he puts one of the Rumble matches together.

  • Blaze

    I hope he learns alot from Patterson.

  • manips

    just from all the wrestling autobiographies i’ve read, it’s unfortunate that what will most be remembered about pat patterson was his role as one os vince’s stooges. he was very instrumental in the back as a producer and was supposed to be a master at putting matches together.

  • Coopapalooza

    Say what you like about HHH but that guy truly does love the business.

  • Michael

    I truly believe HHH will be good for the business when his time comes.

  • john

    i hope ryback wins the rumble or a member of the shield

  • Pluto

    I really wish Vince would go back too 40 men in the rumble match, especially with all the new talent coming in. I personally loved the 2011 Rumble with 40 people.

  • _JIM_

    What’s so hard about putting a Royal Rumble together? It’s the same thing almost every year. You have people arguing over that last entry spot for a few weeks leading up to it. Then you decide that on the last Raw before the PPV. Then if you have a worker you are trying to get over but don’t want to win and get a title shot yet, you have them enter early and last longer than anybody else. Either that or have him eliminate the most people only to be eliminated himself. To me its pretty obvious that its been up to the same person to put the match together every year since it began. Not that its a bad thing because Patterson has done a great job for all these years, but IMO it would be nice to see what someone like Triple-H would do with the match creatively if given the chance to set it up on his own and with his own ideas. Maybe this is the year since Hunter has only met with Patterson one time to get his input. Pat has done so many Rumble’s in his day that there just couldn’t be much left that he hasn’t already put into the match. So I’m very interested and hopeful that we will get to see something different this year.