Plug Pulled On Lord Tensai?, The Miz's Status In WWE, Big Show's "Firing", WWE Developmental Changes

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Why wasn't Lord Tensai on Raw this past week and why was his role in the John Laurinaitis/John Cena feud seemingly scraped? Is this a sign that WWE is losing faith in the Tensai character after all of the "Albert" chants?

Lord Tensai worked the WWE Superstars taping prior to last night's Raw Supershow and in the dark match main event. As I reported exclusively here on Premium, members of WWE management are growing weary of booking him against top workers due to his body of work since returning to WWE.

I don't get it. The Miz went from losing weekly to winning at Wrestlemania and the day after to being buried again. Is there a lack of confidence in him backstage or is he still on punishment?

With The Miz going under to Brodus Clay last week and taking the pin to him again this week, it looks like he is being setup for a program with Clay. Given the way The Miz has been booked, it's not secret he has regressed from the main event scene back to the mid card but I'm not aware of any immediate heat. I heard The Miz had heat earlier this year for a spot gone wrong with R-Truth but the jobs to Clay appear to be part of a program.

With the Big Show getting "fired" on last night's Raw Supershow, do you think it is possible that John Laurinaitis will force the Big Show to interfere in the match (since he is technically is not a WWE Superstar), to help him win in order to get his job back?

Before answering this question, I want to make sure everyone understands the segment with John Laurinaitis and Big Show on last night's Raw Supershow was a work as Show wasn't legitimately fired. I'm always amazed at the amount of questions we get asking what is storyline and what isn't. Back to your question, this is a likely scenario but also very predictable. WWE usually avoids the obvious scenario, however, they clearly inserted Show into the storyline.

With WWE NXT and FCW moving to Full Sail University, do you think the FCW talents will end up moving to Orlando (it's 20 minutes away) or will they stay in Tampa for training and do a weekly two-hour drive to Winter Park?

From what I understand, there are still plans to use the facilities in Tampa but they will begin taping a couple times a month at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. You can view the schedule at this link. Given the fact the home base of FCW is still in Tampa, I don't see any of the workers moving.

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  • Dangerous Lee

    Someone here mentioned this before, but brodus needs to change the design on the back of his singlet. They look like 3 condoms!

  • nite

    well it doesnt really matter who interferes in the Cena vs. Laurinaitis if the story line is that the Laurinaitis character can "hire/fire" a superstar. if someone does interfere and is fired then John L. can just rehire them with what they have shown over the past few weeks, or it could even be Cole that interferes since he isnt a superstar. Not saying any of this will happen but I consider Cena winning a long shot although i terribly wish John L to be "fired", gone from TV, or whatever. He still flubs lines and delivers them in a monotone level with no inflection on words.

    • Alan

      Do not forget Brock Lesnar might also have a say as well.Although i am not looking forward to the match John L will win it.That is just a guess.

    • Marc

      I like the Laurinitis character. He's the little guy who's always been picked on and suddenly finds himself with some power. Of course he abuses it and this gives him his strength. However, I like the fact he naturally flubs his lines because this also shows his weakness, it reinforces the idea that he wants the power but doesn't know how to handle it.

  • Chris

    Raw is just not entertaining without The Miz in the main event picture. It's ridiculous that he has been pinned two weeks in a row by fatty!

    • Fir

      The miz sucks

  • ldb

    how can the wwe promote ther anti-bullying when they program it in to the story lines with jr and big show. What a load of garbage

    • Chris H

      Because it is a story. If guys like Big Show get bullied and then overcome it, that is a message kids can see and appreciate. Make sense?

    • Wyatt F

      Im really getting sick of comments like yours! How many times does it have to be said!? WITHOUT HEELS, THERE IS NO PRO WRESTLING!!!

      • Anand

        This is not a cinderella story where all the good guys lived happily ever after 🙂 Unless the Villain is strong, no matter how strong the hero is, the story will be definitely weak. Thing how popular WWE was during the Attitude Era. That was because VKM was the egotistical psycho heel boss everyone dreads and seeing Austin & DX beat him to a pulp gave people something to rejoice. Without VKM, the whole Attitude Era wouldnt have been as successful as it was.

        Moreover, the be a star anti-bullying campaign is for real life. What they show on RAW or Smackdown is Kayfabe – A Story. It is like a movie. dont compare real & movie life.

  • Christ 4 Life

    The Miz sucks.

  • wwf-wcw-nwa-ecw

    Send "Albert" back to Japan and send us MVP!!!!!!!

  • Steven

    Why would Big Show want to help John Laurinaitis win the match? Wouldn't Big Show want to screw Big Johnny at Over The Limit? And John Cena said no one is to be at ringside. Does this include Michael Cole and King?

    • smark

      realy lol

  • christopher525

    I'm thinking that either someone jumps Cena before the match, therefore not "interfering" in the match, or Lesnar comes back to take out Cena, since he "quit" and doesn't work there anymore.

  • freaking

    A month ago lord tensai beat john cena in a extreme rules match not even brock lrsnar could do that now he is on superstars facing tyson kidd come on wwe what are you doing

    • Marc

      To be fair they gave him a chance. The crowds kept up with the Albert chants and he didn't do anything to break free of that. His matches were mediocre at best and he did not go out and capture the audiences attention. He got given a chance and he blew it.

      • freaking

        You are correct in what you say when he was both albert and a train

      • Anand

        His Attire is ridiculous, his character is monotnous and how he walks to the ring and executes his moves is pathetic at best… To capture the audience interest, you need to be charismatic not boring.

        Just by having a bunch of tattoos and a japanese assistant you dont become a japanese superstar. 🙂

        • Brad

          Actually, he was/is a huge star in Japan. Check out the youtube clips of him as the Giant Bernard.

  • Dave Barton

    I can see Lesnar helping Laurinaitis, and Big Show then jumping in to help Cena….neither is "on the roster" right now.

    However it turns out, there is just no way I can see it being a straight up one-on-one match.

  • the ox

    The miz right now is not like a year ago hopefully he can be the main event superstar he once was

  • Kevin

    Excellent question about Big Show not being a star due to Laurinaitis "firing" him. I never considered that angle. I just figured that Show needed some personal time off and would be "rehired" once Johnny was "fired". I thought it would take a few weeks for Johnny to lose his job, so since it could potentially happen in just days, the Show angle is a beautiful idea. They may have Show help Johnny win by attacking Cena. Show's thought process would be that if he helped Johnny keep his job, then Johnny would give Show back HIS job. That would also allow the writers to start a feud with the newly "rehired" Show and Cena, harkening back to the Hogan/Andre days.

  • the rhino

    It might have been a short return to wwe for lord tensai hopefully he can be a big time player on raw