Police Called To WWE Headquarters Due To Unknown White Powder

Police were called to WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut on Wednesday. According to a report by the Stamford Advocate, authorities were called when the company received a suspicious package that contained an unknown white powder.

The following statement was issued to the local publication:

“WWE received a suspicious package at its headquarters today and contacted local law enforcement to investigate,” said Tara Carraro, a WWE spokeswoman. “All WWE personnel are safe, and business is being conducted as usual.”

Click here for coverage by the Stamford Advocate.

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  • Mysterion

    Classic Swaggs

    • Brandon van Reenen

      I lol’d hard.

  • K!NG

    was jeff hardy at wwe head quarters ?

    • BIG M

      Come on it’s 2014 not 2011 come up with something original like “Emma must’ve gone to a Wal-Marts pharmacy before she was rehired”.

  • Trapdoor

    It was meant for makeup dept, as Paige’s skin needs a top up.

  • Splat

    JTG was going to get some pay back.

  • Snap

    It was a clerical error at WWE Labs. They’ve been testing formulas for their new “Instant Sheamus” product line, stir a tablespoon of powder in some pale ale and you’ve got your own Li’l Fella. Beard sold separately.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Next news article: Randy Ortons stash has been found.