Police Respond To Ric Flair's Condo After He Was Allegedly Assaulted By His Wife

Police were called to the North Carolina condo of Ric Flair and his wife Jacqueline Bains Beems at around 9:40 PM on Monday night after Flair's wife had allegedly assaulted him.

According to a report by WCNC.com out of Charlotte, no one was arrested or transported to the hospital.

Beems was arrested in February 2010 for allegedly assaulting Flair during a domestic dispute and again in March 2012 for DWI and reckless driving. The charges in 2010 were dropped when a judge ruled the DA didn't have enough evidence to prosecute her.

  • Porkchop

    Maybe Flair will learn to do the dishes next time.

  • Brandon, South Africa

    Jacqueline: To be the man, you gotta beat the man!

    • JakShowtime

      I salute you, sir. That was perfect.

    • MonstaHeel 450


  • Dangerous Lee

    Flair is jobbing to his own wife now

    • AceV

      This comment is GOLD!!!!

  • H.M.

    The comments under this article..LOL

  • JakShowtime

    I wonder if it was after making Wooo-pie. #BadPun

  • Bryan

    I wonder if after she hit him, if he walked for 6 steps and fell on his face?

    • Chris

      That’s when the cops knew something wasn’t right

  • Dave Barton

    Gee, I was kinda afraid to make a joke about this, but as long as everyone else is…

    Couldn't Ric sue for elder abuse?

  • Andy

    Flair has losted his touch, he didnt blade when she assualted him

  • Sander

    Flair didn’t sell when he was hit with a frying pan. Made his opponent look bad.

  • stoney

    He got all red faced, started wooing and babbling like an idiot, that's why she hit him

  • “The Nightmare”

    He always said he could have a 5 star match with a broom, but I guess he didn’t think his wife would be the one using it on him.


    In Ric's voice–> "WOOOO..Ouch girl! That really hurt! You know in wrestling we're just playin' around don't you! Dang thats smarts!

  • Richie

    I don’t know if this makes me a bad person, but this is the funniest string of comments I’ve ever seen on this site!

  • PrincessOfDarkness

    Oh man you guys are bad funny but bad! These comments are hilarious! It’s a serious situation between Ric Flair and his wife but damn I can’t help but to laugh at all of these comments! LOL!

  • Kevin

    Actually, he fell on his left shoulder, but we get your point. My, how the mighty have fallen. I don't know whether to feel sympathy for Flair or his wife.

  • Donna

    This article is GOld. What is going on in the Flair household. Woooo….Wonder did the altercation happen after they made Wooo-ppeee

  • Austin

    Ric Flair got a cut on his forehead after his wife gently put a plate on his forehead

  • Austin

    If Flair was assaulted by a weapon, I would gladly blame Flair for the hurt of the weapon because there are blood stains on the weapon.

  • Tex

    If Flair wants help with his wife—it is called DIVORCE, plain and simple.