Possible Surprise Royal Rumble Entrant; WWE Announcer Living His Dream

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- I heard there was talk of "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan possibly being used as a surprise entrant in the 30-man Royal Rumble match. While I can't confirm he'll be used, he canceled a scheduled indy date he had for Sunday.

- Justin Roberts posted a photo on Twitter as a kid with Shawn Michaels then again as a WWE ring announcer. You can view it at this link. (Thanks to WNW reader Carl Dantes for sending this in.)

  • H.M.

    Eh, I personally don't feel a need to see Hacksaw in the Royal Rumble. No offense to any of his fans.

    • A2H

      I agree. Last time he was there it was just a sad sight!

  • H.M.

    That picture with Justin Roberts is pretty cool. He must be younger then i thought lol.

  • Kleck

    How old is Hacksaw?

  • steve2


  • chelu671

    The first Royal Rumble winner returning for the 25th anniversary… nothing wrong with that…

    Just looked it up, Justin Roberts is 32 years old. Judging by that Twitter picture, it looks like it was 20 years ago. Justin looks to be about 12 years old then.

    • Alex P

      Yea I would agree with him being about 12…He doesn't look too young but not too old.

  • simondo

    makes sense its the 25th anniversary and he won the first one

  • kim

    It’d be nice to have Hacksaw there, just for the symbolic significance if nothing else… Sure he won’t be a real stiff competitor, but no one can deny the charge in atmosphere he’ll arrive with!

  • gpturbo81

    is that jim from american pie

  • PhilT81

    I agree with a couple of other posters, it makes sense and he just needs to do the Bushwhacker Luke thing – march down, perhaps bang a couple of heads together and dispense with a heel and get put out himself then go marching back – rather than ending up as a crumpled hero on the floor. It’s not just his age that holds him back, his medical history limits him.

  • Mark

    NO NO NO. Do a side interview with Hacksaw or let him commentate. Lets not waste a suprise entry on him. Sorry to the hardcore hacksaw fans but no. Id like a proper suprise that would be a let down i want something thats gonna make me stand up and say come on……………….. NOT watch a legend make an arse of himself please hopefully someone from the WWE will see this and buy Hacksaw a plane ticket to the furthest place away from the RUMBLE>>>>>>>>>> AGAIN SORRY TO THE HARDCORE HACKSAW FANS…………..

  • Mark

    HACKSAW is 2 dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm old

    I think the wwe would be making a big mistake.

    Funkasorus will have a good run in the Rumble but wont win their just building him up at the moment………..

  • Van

    I thought the article was about Lesnar