Post-Bound For Glory Impact Wrestling Rating

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Last night's Impact Wrestling, which was the Impact following the biggest pay-per-view of the year for TNA Wrestling, Bound for Glory, scored a 0.99 cable rating with an average audience of 1,250,000. The show rebounded from last week's year low.

On an interesting note, last year's post Bound for Glory show scored a 1.4 cable rating with over 2,000,000 viewers. The 2010 post show got a 1.4 cable rating with an average of 1,900,000 viewers.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Tna should be happy with this number because they went against the NFL game the and MLB playoffs too..

    • So what happens if an MLB playoff game or an NFL game gets low ratings? Who do they blame?
      Look, is it possible people are tuning out of TNA and going to MLB/NFL? Yes. But that's TNA's fault for not having entertaining content that keeps people tuned in. I hate this cop-out from both WWE and TNA. You shouldn't be worried on if you have competition, you should be worried on if you have good story-lines.

      • _JIM_

        Nothing touches the NFL in ratings. Not RAW, IMPACT, or MLB. It’s obvious in the numbers that football season puts a noticeable impact on anythings ratings that has the misfortune of going up against their games. Even during the Monday night wars the ratings took a hit. The NFL is king when it comes to ratings and no amount of writing on the wrestling shows is going to change that. If they had Friday night games Smackdown would be drawing numbers comparable to Impact’s. They just can’t compete because there’s ALOT more NFL fans than there are wrestling fans.

      • Bault16

        Nfl is king

  • I think there’s a stigma when it comes to the name “TNA”. People need to honestly give it a chance and stop looking at TNA as “the other company thats smaller than WWE”. BFG was awesome and Impact last night was pretty good.

  • snuggle

    I think that Tna really needs to hire new personnel. I think that every wrestler on the roster is talented, however the writers suck. Tna lacks leadership that could take them to that Wwe level. I don’t know what they think they are getting from Hogan but since he’s been there the ratings have not improved at all. Tna needs to bring Jarrett back to lead them just as he did to get it this far. I believe in if it want broke why attempt to fix it. I read all the time about the next huge wrestling boom, but unless Tna starts doing better with their story lines Wwe no matter what people don’t like about it will never have a reason to step it up. It’s like Madden why change the product if there’s no competition. Tna reality check you have more talent on your side than Wwe does treat them better and produce more must see programming and you can change the landscape of wrestling forever!

  • tredanger

    I haven't watched tna since hogan and bitchoff showed up. The day those 2 and their kids leave tna is the day i start watching again.

    • outkazt09

      I have done the same. I stop watching since abyss went hulkamania crazy.

  • Wwe4L76

    We want Abyss and the old ring!