Post-Impact Wrestling Comments From Chavo Guerrero & Magnus

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- Chavo Guerrero Tweeted the following after receiving the "fired" briefcase on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling:

TNA issued a press release on Friday, announcing that Guerrero is no longer a member of their roster.

- Magnus Tweeted the following kayfabe comments after his TNA Championship win aired on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling:

  • Mike McCarthy

    Would be cool to see Chavo come back to WWE if they decided to launch the rumored Cruiserweight exclusive show.

    • Nostaljack

      Chavo Guerrero is 43 years old – one year younger than (sucks air in) Gold….dust! He’s still really good in the ring but his age would have to be a concern. Mr. Dust was brought in for Cody’s benefit; there’s no one Chavo could benefit by coming back. Too, Chavo had some positively lovely things to say about WWE after he left – not the best way to allow yourself a re-entrance to WWE if desired.

      • Y.C.C.L

        Agree @Nostaljack:disqus. Chavo should had stayed shut. I don’t see him coming back to WWE. After all, he only signed with TNA, because of Hector Guerrero being in the company. He should stay indy until he decides to hanged up the boots. Hernandez can try help him there