Post-Royal Rumble Episode Of WWE Raw Draws Audience Over 5 Million

This week's WWE Raw did an average viewing audience of 5,020,000 viewers on the USA Network. Below is the breakdown by hour:

  • Hour one - 4,860,000 viewers
  • Hour two - 5,270,000 viewers
  • Hour three 4,930,000 viewers

The show did a 3.68 cable rating.

Obviously this does nothing but raise the stock The Rock. Brock Lesnar wasn't advertised but WWE leaked a photo on Twitter to get people to tune in for the final segment.

  • Ben

    Fantastic numbers for WWE.

  • darius

    Rock+Jericho+Vince+Lesnar=ratings&buyrates.After Wrestlemania God save the WWE

    • Jimmy

      But until then we have Lesnar/HHH/Rock/Taker/Y2J and possibly Austin to look forward to

  • D_gilbert88

    The IWC may not like it ….. But that’s what happens when you put the championship on Rock!!

    • The Rock draws… there’s no denying that. Creative can mail it in all they want, when Rock shows up… he commands an audience.

  • Michael

    No offense but it looks like a lot of people liked this Weeks Raw. I get that you didn’t like Tensai wearing something that women wear, fyi I agree but had he not worn that and just did the dancing it still would’ve been funny. I do agree that the Khali segment didn’t need to be but I liked the rest of the show Richard.

    • As I’ve already stated, ratings and viewership has nothing to do with whether or not a show is good or bad. This is reflective in the programming that follows. Just because it was a highly-watched show doesn’t mean it was a good show. They had the promotion of the Royal Rumble compounded with The Rock winning the WWE title.

  • H.M.

    Rock clearly draws. Imagine all the old fans that might have tuned in to see this. If these numbers remain over the next few weeks it will be CLEAR as to what kind of entertainment the fans really want to see.

    • Snap

      It’s also a problem WWE needs to address, because what’s going to happen after WrestleMania when The Rock isn’t going to be around for half a year (or more) and ratings drop? WWE can’t rely on nostalgia acts, especially when they want to save the big names like Rock and Austin for WrestleMania.

      It simply isn’t good enough to have a lackluster product for 8 months and expect the audience to be there for the four months when they really care. Plus, it will also affect the WWE Network whenever it launches. If people can expect consistent quality programming, they’ll be that much more willing to pay the premium. If all people care about it WrestleMania, then there’s the option of waiting and paying about $35 for the Blu-ray or the $60+ to watch it live on PPV. I’m sorry, but the current WWE product is NOT worth $60, not even for WrestleMania.

      The picture will be clearer after WrestleMania.

      • H.M.

        I mostly agree with you there. WWE’s main problem is the fact that the current names, while very talented just don’t bring the intrigue that the old characters of the late 90’s did. It’s a matter of storyline progression and the fact that guys like Cena are virtually untouchable when it comes to putting ANYONE on the roster over him CLEAN. They need to shake things up with the talent they do have. Punk is the best they have in terms of full characters that are mostly intriguing.

        • Jimmy

          Dolph Ziggler is the best by far

  • Dustyn

    Tensai in lingerie = RATINGS! lol

  • Absolutely fantastic numbers to kick off the Road to Wrestlemania!!!

  • Cody Zeller

    The people have spoken again.

  • pokadobikini

    Not that I personally agreed with the segments it seems as if WWE can neither win nor lose you can never make a general audience happy there going be some that liked it ..and some who don’t…it kinda one of those type things you think you can do better ..and think its easy..apply for the job.