Post-Surgery Update On Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston had surgery on his left elbow last week to remove bone chips. The surgery was performed by Dr. Jeffrey Dugas in Birmingham, Alabama. The following is an excerpt from dot com's update on him:

"Kofi underwent left elbow arthroscopy last week with Dr. Dugas in Birmingham, Alabama," said Amann.

“At that time, he was found to have two large bone chips about the size of a marble in his elbow joint. Those were removed. He’s in a sling. He’s starting physical therapy and doing very well.”

Click here for coverage by dot com.

  • CJ Blaze

    Hopefully Kofi will come back refreshed and maybe with a new gimmick or some kind of change

    • Justin Lal

      He might go heel. Vince planted the seeds tonight by saying the crowd chanted “one more time” when Ryback was destroying him on SD. Kofi can use that against the crowd.

  • 1molly23

    Get well soon Kofi! But, most importantly enjoy the time with your real-life family!