Where WWE Is Going With Ryback, Brock Lesnar Sent Home By WWE, Top WWE Star Meets With Doctors Over Their Health, Future Booking Plans For The Shield, Dolph Ziggler Cashing In & Jack Swagger, Details On A Major WWE Star That Threw A Temper Tantrum Backstage At Raw

- As I pointed out shortly after WWE Raw here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, a confrontation between John Cena and Ryback was scripted for this week's show even before the panic and rewrites. There is talk of WWE having Ryback avenge his Wrestlemania loss to Mark Henry before challenging for the WWE title.

- Brock Lesnar was planned at one point to be used on this week's WWE Raw but was believed to be included in a segment with The Rock. When Rock couldn't go, Brock was sent home. Lesnar is under a part-time contract with a limited number of appearances and WWE is being strategic on when they use him. The talk backstage was they would plant the seed for a future match between Brock and Rock but plans were scrapped when Rock was unable to go.

- CM Punk was scheduled to see a doctor on Tuesday regarding his knee and elbow. As of this writing I haven't heard how it went.

- The Shield is on upcoming booking sheets to work against Team Hell No.

- No one backstage at WWE Raw felt that Dolph Ziggler successfully "cashing in" the Money in the Bank briefcase was a good thing for Jack Swagger. However, as of this writing, there are still plans to push Swagger as a main event performer. While Swagger worked Tuesday night in Boston we're trying to find out if he made his scheduled court appearance in Biloxi.

- Randy Orton threw what was described as a "temper tantrum" backstage at WWE Raw regarding the crowd reactions from his bout on this week's show. He's also not happy about Ryback and Dolph Ziggler getting roles as prominent heels and is still pushing for a turn.

  • Charles

    Randy needs to realise the situation he’s in is entirely his own fault.

    • PainOfDemise

      Exactly. He would probably would of been the top heel for Smackdown and also the the face for it, if it wasn’t for his stupidity.

    • Xavier

      How is the situation entirely fault?

      • Charles

        As Carlos said below: “Orton logic: Fails numerous drug tests, expects to get pushed.”

  • Not surprised. Randy looked pissed on Raw.

  • Orton logic: Fails numerous drug tests, expects to get pushed.

  • Chris

    I see a “Freebird rule” tag title run for The Shield coming.

  • mj

    Haha Randy couldn’t even remember what he was supposed to say. He Cleary asked Sheamus what was his line. He is a lame duck currently.

  • Patrick

    Sounds like Orton needs Dr. Shelby and his Anger Management Calass not Team Hell NO.. LOL

    but seriously the guy needs to calm doen he gets angery to easily and acts immature.

    • Patrick

      Class ^

      • Matt

        Not forgetting down, angry…

  • John

    I don’t blame Orton for being upset, a face vs. face match was never going to go over well with that sort of crowd!

    Also what was up with the twitter poll to see who would face Big Show? They showed the results then had Vickie Guerrero come out & completely ignore it?

  • Moe

    I’d rather see Sheamus turn heel again rather than Orton.