Post-Wrestlemania 29 WWE Raw Viewership (Updated With Rating)

This week's episode of WWE Raw, the show following Wrestlemania 29, di an average viewership of 4,610,000 viewers on the USA Network. Below is the breakdown by hour:

  • Hour one - 4,490,000 viewers
  • Hour two - 4,780,000 viewers
  • Hour three- 4,560,000 viewers

The show ended up doing a 3.45 cable rating.

  • RJR

    Wow. And hours two and three went against March Madness Championship. I think these numbers say A LOT.

  • I think word got out about the crowd last night and that helped to boost viewers in hour 2 and 3. Plus, when Michigan was up and it looked like they were on their way to routing Louisville, I think some tuned out of that and into Raw.

  • Chris

    Cena as champ vs MARCH MADNESS still pulled in great #s. Proves why he is still “THE MAN” in WWE. Can’t wait to hear the excuses Cena Haters will come up with.

    • Win

      Ummmmm…It’s the Raw after Wrestlemania.

      • Rich

        Additionally, this isn’t so impressive. Post wm usually doesn’t at 5 mil. Post rumble did. If rock wins peoe tune in. Cena winning just made people down heartened.

        • Win

          People were anticipating seeing CM Punk, Triple H, and possibly Brock Lesnar as well. It was 20 minutes left in the show before they informed you they weren’t going to be there.

        • Chris

          Funny you say that b/c last year’s RAW after Mania didn’t do a rating this high. Cena winning apparently boosted ratings. HATER!

          • Snap

            If you go by the numbers, the Cena segments were in the lowest rated parts of the show. Furthermore, one show is hardly evidence of anything. Keep an eye on the ratings until SummerSlam and, if they don’t change, THEN you might have a case for your argument.

            Besides, it’s Monday Night RAW not “The John Cena Show.” It’s insulting to the rest of the talent to claim only one man is responsible for a rating, just as it’s insulting to whoever is blamed for a ratings dip.

            Call me a “hater” if you like, but that will only demonstrate that you are a fanboy “sheep” who cannot handle any differing opinions. Prove me wrong.

      • Chris

        Ummmmm, The RAW after Mania last year featured Rock, a returning Lesnar, didn’t go up against the NCAA Championship game and STILL didn’t pull a rating that high. Keep on hating though, HATER lol

        • skidmark

          Notice Cena began and ended the show, where the ratings are the lowest… also notice the ratings were highest in the middle, where Dolph cashed in and the crowd was at their peak. If anything, Dolph and the crowd are what boosted the ratings. Now go ahead and spit a bunch of nonsense about me being a “hater” for your end of the argument.

          • Chris

            No one tuned into the 2nd hour to see Ziggler b/c no one knew he was cashing in. Another Cena hater who refuses to acknowledge that Cena is the TOP DAWG in the WWE. As long as you guys keep tuning in and giving him a reaction and coming on the boards to cry & complain about him he’ll always “THE GUY”.