Post-Wrestlemania Releases Coming? Four WWE Names Currently On The Company's "Endangered Species" List - Who They Are & More

We're told there are lot of WWE names nervous about "post-Wrestlemania" releases, however, the belief is there won't be a massive layoff this year like we've seen in some previous years. With the talk of new content for the proposed WWE Network, such as the possible show on cruiserweight talent, the company feels like they may soon need as many bodies as possible.

Guys like The Uso's, Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio are believed to be on the "endangered species" list but the company is hesitant to release them because they could end up heavily featured on the Cruiserweight show if the WWE Network ever gets off the ground.

  • deccs

    Rey Mysterio?! I know he gets injured a lot but I can reel off at least 10 other superstars who are surely more endangered. And the Uso’s? These guys are pretty over and super talented, they have never been given a chance!

  • Xavier

    That would be a damn shame if McMahon/WWE just released Rey Mysterio. After everything he’s given too the business he should atleast be given a proper send off. Mysterio isn’t some scrub. Mysterio is arguably the greatest in ring talent the world of wrestling has seen over the past 15-20 years dating back to AAA. Dude has had great match after great match with a wide range of opponents.

  • PainOfDemise

    I can see Evan Bourne getting the boot, but as far as the other three go, they shouldn’t be released. There are many more people who should be let go before them.

    • Xavier

      Exactly. If Epico, Hunico, Chamacho, Primo, JTG, Slater, McIntrye, Jinder Mahel, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Ezekial Jackson, Ryan Mason & Rosa Mendez are still employed and they release Rey that would be one of the biggest crimes in wrestling history.

  • and JTG is still employed……………

    • Win

      JTG works…Bourne and Mysterio can’t stay healthy.

      • whens the last time JTG has worked?

        • Win

          If you have to ask, you’re not paying enough attention.

          • T

            Please, working live events is different. I wouldn’t call that recent job “working”

          • T-Zone

            As long as a talent participates in an event or backstage, they are working. Even though a talent would prefer to be featured prominently on TV, I would think they are also happy being employed by the top wrestling (entertainment) company in the world.

            Anyways, JTG has been mostly competing on Superstars & Live Events the last couple of months. His last appearance on TV (well over in Europe) was on Superstars when he went under Zack Ryder.

      • Matt

        Bourne can’t stay healthy? He had two wellness strikes and then was involved in a car crash that threatened his whole career. He’s had one injury. That’s hardly “not staying healthy”.

    • Dustyn
  • Chris

    Rey could be a manager or coach for cruiserweights. If he can’t work, he’s still capable of earning a paycheck.