• Xavier

    I’m Looking forward to Daniel Bryan’s single push. There are a lot of options for him as he’s good as both a face or heel and is able too work with a wide range of opponents. As a face you could have him go after Ziggler’s title, maybe a feud with Orton (if they turn Orton heel soon), a feud with a returning Christian would be great as well. As a heel he could go after Cena’s title, or feud with a returning CM Punk.

    Jacqueline doesn’t have the typical look of today’s WWE divas but was easily a better worker then any of the woman on the roster right now. Don’t know if she’ll get signed though because of her advanced age though. Where the hell is Kharma when you need her lol.

  • http://twitter.com/DrewFem97 AndrewF

    This is 1000% better than the last newsletter