• http://www.facebook.com/justinneerajlal Justin Lal

    Punk had a hilarious quote on Twitter Saturday night while watching UFC, Tweeting, “And there you have it. I hate wrestling.”

    What is so hilarious about this?

    • http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com/ Richard Gray

      Blatant honesty? Or the fact he’s one of the top wrestlers in the world?

      • Justin Lal

        But why would he say “I hate wrestling?” Maybe there was an earlier tweet he made that would make a connection to this tweet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evonreese Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I just don’t miss Punk.

  • Nostaljack

    I love that Samuray Del Sol told TNA he was only interested in singing with WWE. Good for him. Why bother working for a tax write-off when WWE wants you? Regardless of what anyone says, WWE is always every workers dream. Unless your name is Sting, if you haven’t made it in WWE, you haven’t made it at all.